Chevrolet Chevelle Bounces Off of Both Walls at the Drag Strip

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Chevelle race car gets mangled as we are reminded of the risks of no-prep racing.

The video above comes to us from the YouTube channel of the National No Prep Racing Association and it features a race between two high-powered Chevrolet machines. The racing world has fallen in love with no-prep racing, but there is a downside to having cars with thousands of horsepower on a slick track. The video above shows that downside, as a classic Chevelle goes for an unfortunately wild ride that ends in a badly battered race car.

No-Prep Racing

No-prep racing has taken the American drag racing scene by storm with major help from television shows like Street Outlaws. The idea is to replicate the slick surfaces of a street race in the safe confines of a drag strip, but there is a clear downside. Whereas your average drag strip has been treated, or prepped, to yield the best possible track surface, no-prep racing does away with that sticky track treatment.

Chevrolet Chevelle Vs Monte Carlo Launch

As a result, it is much more difficult for the vehicles to get traction, similar to what racers would encounter when racing on a public road. However, unlike a public road, there is far less risk to random people, but as the video above shows, there is just as much risk to the racers.

Chevrolet Duel

There are no details on the cars in the video above, but we have a 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle taking on what appears to be a pro stock-style car based on the sixth generation Monte Carlo. They both appear to have open induction systems sticking up through the hoods, so they are likely monstrous V8 engines with nitrous oxide, since forced induction doesn’t seem to be present. In any case, these are clearly two serious race cars with power levels that are likely well into the four-figure range.

Chevelle Hits First Wall

When the green lights drop, the two Chevy race cars leave the line pretty evenly. At first, it appears as though the Monte Carlo is pulling ahead, but as the two near the finish line, the Chevelle surges back ahead.

Unfortunately, something happens to the classic Chevrolet as it pulls into the lead, causing the back end to dance around wildly. The car brushes the near-side wall and the driver nearly gets it under control, but the Chevelle eventually slides across the track and slams into the wall in the other lane.

Chevelle Hits Second Wall

The car comes to rest on the track and safety crews are quickly on the scene to check on the driver. We don’t get to see him get out of the car, but the video informs us that he was OK.

Crank up your speakers and watch no-prep racing go wrong.

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