LS-Swapped Nissan Skyline Drifted Masterfully by Man with No Arms

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Mastering the art of drifting is hard enough with two hands, but setbacks in this racer’s life haven’t held him back, at all.

Drifting, like any other form of motorsport, takes a great amount of skill and practice to master. It also typically takes two hands, as well. But after Bartosz Ostałowski lost both of his arms in a motorcycle accident, pursuing his dreams of drifting (or driving in general) seemed like a lost cause. Yet, Ostalowski refused to let fate dictate his future. In fact, he learned how to drift his LS-Swapped R34 Skyline with his feet. Which is every bit as incredible as it sounds.

TheHoonigans discovered the armless drifter while on their Poland Field Trip, and just couldn’t resist bringing us the story via this video. And oh, what as story it is. The crew came across Ostalowski while attending a Drift Masters event at a Polish stadium. An event where the organization went to the trouble of paving the track just for this event. Seems pretty extreme to us, but it only gets better from there.

LS-Swapped Nissan Skyline Drifter<

Mainly because, as previously mentioned, we’ve got a guy who drifts an LS-swapped Skyline using nothing but his freaking feet. And he does it on a pro level. Watching this thing slide around corners, you’d never guess that the driver wasn’t doing it with the use of both hands. Let alone zero of them.


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Accomplishing that impossible feat required a custom gearbox with an e-brake mounted above the regular brake and gas pedals. There’s also another pedal that releases the seat belt, just in case of emergency. Ostalowski changes gears using a special paddle mounted right in front of his right shoulder. Everything else is controlled via a push button panel mounted on the dash. And watching it all in action is pure magic.

LS-Swapped Skyline
It’s an incredible example of someone who refused to succumb to the cards life dealt him. And one of the more impressive things we’ve ever seen, period.

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