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Mad Scientists Stuff a Quad-Turbo LS Into an Old Audi Sedan

ls1tech.com Audi Quattro with Quad-Turbo LS V8

This Frankenstein Audi four-door has surprisingly good driving dynamics, but it also has trouble completing a lap.

  Comments | By - December 13, 2018

LS-Swapped BMW E36 Looks like One Seriously Fun Track Toy

LS-Swapped BMW E36

Take a legendary chassis, lightweight platform, and add some serious power, and you’ve got this track-ready BMW.

  Comments | By - November 21, 2018

LS3-Swapped Mazda Miata Is Faster than Fast!

LS3-Swapped Mazda Miata

Stuffing a 480 hp LS in a tiny Miata undoubtedly makes it fast in a straight line. But how about on the track?

  Comments | By - October 22, 2018

LS-Swapped Nissan Skyline Drifted Masterfully by Man with No Arms

LS-Swapped Nissan Skyline Drifter

Mastering the art of drifting is hard enough with two hands. But this guy has done it using nothing but his feet.

  Comments | By - October 4, 2018

Twin Turbo LS-Powered Chevette Is an Econobox No More

Twin Turbo Chevette

An old-fashioned recipe for speed turned this old Chevette into an 8-second twin turbo monster on the drag strip.

  Comments | By - September 13, 2018

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