Listen to the Fire-Spitting Two-Step On This Fourth-Gen Camaro

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Wheel-lifting Camaro runs huge turbo, blows T-Tops off on test drive

Ryan Miller’s fourth-generation Chevrolet Camaro runs hard and while 1320 Video caught Miller running the car at a No Prep Series event, it runs fast enough to need a parachute. Ever the symbol of a seriously potent car, the parachute tips off that this Camaro doesn’t mess around. With big wheel stands and an event win at I29 Dragway’s The Shop Inc. No Prep Series, there’s more than just show.

Of course, the fender-mounted exhaust exit and firefight-sounding two-step controller add a nice effect. Throw in the wheels-up launches, including a double-wheelie even, for maximum crowd-pleasing at the drag strip in Pacific Junction, Iowa. Miller cleaned up in the Radial Tire Series races at I29 Dragway with 1320 hanging around.

We’re suckers for the Pro Mod-style decklid wing, which makes a nice way to add a bit of rear-tire grip and decrease drag at the same time. And it looks great, too. fourth gen camaro LSX turbo two step fire launch wheelies

The 1320 crew met up with Miller at his house to see the Camaro up close. They had previously run across the car years before when Miller was running a 408 with a smaller turbo. He since upgraded to a six-bolt LSX with a massive 98-millimeter turbo. That single-snail, a Garrett GTX55, runs somewhere between 15 and 20 pounds of boost. That makes for a healthy combination that can clearly send the front wheel skyward.

Miller takes 1320 with him on a cruise and a hard launch nearly sends the driver’s-side T-Top fluttering away. Miller craftily nabs it with his free hand while the cameraman utters with total surprise, “I thought [the turbo] spooled and then it actually spooled.”

This is one badass fourth-gen Camaro and we hope to see it out racing at more Outlaw and No Prep races this year.

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