Drag Race: LS1 vs LS9 in Chevy Street Race Battle

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Corvette ZR1 with better driver makes short work of boosted LS1 Camaro.

This drag race comes from the Northwest Street Cars YouTube account and it features a street-race style battle between a couple of high-powered Chevy performance cars. In the left lane is an LS1-powered 4th generation Camaro while the near lane is occupied by a C6 Corvette ZR1, but what is likely a lengthy mod list makes this a closer race than you might expect.

The Competitors

Unfortunately, there are no details on either of these cars, but just by looking at the Camaro, it is clearly far from stock. Without the front fascia, we can see a huge front-mount intercooler that is feeding cooled, compressed air from the turbocharger setup to the LS1 engine. We don’t know what all is done to the Camaro, but it is clearly making way more than stock horsepower.

4g Camaro Vs C6 Corvette

As for the Corvette, it appears to be stock, with the exception of the wheels and tires, but we all know how easily this ZR1 could be beefed up without any exterior signs of extra power. We know that it came from the factory with 638 horsepower, so even if it is running on stock power, it should be a worthy opponent for the boosted LS1 Camaro.

Oh, and both cars have a manual transmission and that comes into play in a big way.

The Battle

The video begins with each of the cars cleaning off their tires before easing up to the starting line. This appears to be a pop-up racing event taking place on a closed road of some sort, so there are no timing boards – just a winner and a loser.

When the green lights drop, the cars get away from the line pretty evenly, with the LS1 Camaro having a slight advantage. They are still side-by-side a short distance away from the starting line when the driver in the left lane misses a gear, allowing the Corvette to pull away. It sounds like the muscle car misses another gear towards the end of the race, but at that point, it didn’t matter – the race was over before the halfway point.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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