It’s a Third Gen Camaro Burnout Parade!

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Third generation Camaros put on display as more than a dozen leave a car show with the tires ablaze.

This great burnout video features more than a dozen third-generation Camaros pulling out of a car show and smoking their tires – or trying to, anyway. This clip comes to us from the YouTube channel of gearheadAbe and if you are a fan of the 1982 to 1992 Camaro, this is a great video.

Leaving the show

We don’t have the details on what was going on to get all of these third gen Camaros in one place, but we can see in the video that they are all leaving Heidt’s Automotive Group in Illinois. Heidt’s specializes in high-performance suspension components for the Camaro and Firebird, so when combined with the number of vehicles in the lot and the fact that there is a table and chairs by the entrance, it seems safe to assume that these cars are leaving a car show or meet.

The internet is ripe with videos of Ford Mustangs leaving meets, trying to do burnouts and crashing, but fortunately, all of these third gen Camaro owners did a great job of making a little smoke without hitting any spectators.

Third Gen Camaro Burnout Parade

The Third Gen

In the grand scheme of things, the third-generation of the Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird don’t get nearly as much respect as every other era of the GM muscle cars. As we all know, the cars built in the ’80s and early ’90s had the toughest battle in terms of expanding emission laws, so the third gen cars had less stock power than any of the other generations.

Fortunately, even with the smog-restricted engines – and plenty of help from the aftermarket – the 1982 through 1992 Camaro will smoke some tires just as well as the newer and older models. That is well displayed in the video above as 13 third generation Camaro coupes and convertibles pull out of the Heidt lot, hammer the throttle and make a little tire smoke before racing off into the distance.

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