Magnuson Brings the Hammer of the Gods Upon Sin City

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Magnuson Superchargers COPO Camaro

California supercharger builder presents pair of cool Camaros & badass black C7 Z06, which steal the spotlight in Vegas.

SEMA 2018 is a big treasure trove of everything LT and LS. We at LSTech have done our best to bring you the best LT- and LS-related builds from the OEMs and the aftermarket, ranging from the mild to the wild.

And it doesn’t get any wilder than Ventura, California’s own Magnuson Superchargers. On display were a pair of Camaros and a C7 Z06, each one hosting a different take on the company’s latest and greatest, their TVS 2650 supercharger system.

Magnuson Superchargers COPO Camaro

Recently, Chevrolet Performance brought back the legendary COPO Camaro, with a planned 69 models built in honor of the original NHRA Stock Eliminator-spec terror of 1969. Each of the 69 will have a choice of engines to choose from, including the LSX-based 350 SC.

The 350 SC features Magnuson’s TVS 2650R supercharger with a COPO-specific lower manifold, intercooler, inlet adaptor, and throttle-body. The setup is good for an NHRA horsepower rating of 580 horsepower, more than enough to keep the front pair of Mickey Thompson E/Ts working hard to stay on the ground off the line.

Magnuson Superchargers 2016 Camaro SS

For the rest of us who’ll only be able to see a COPO at the strip, Magnuson’s TVS 2650 can be dropped onto the 6.2-liter LT4 V8 of the Camaro SS, or swapped in for the supercharged version in the Camaro ZL1.

Fed by a big red blower, Magnuson’s 2016 Camaro SS no longer produces 455 horses, but a bonkers 1,150 at the rear set of Mickey Thompsons at 23 pounds of boost.

There’s no doubt this Camaro SS is a drag-strip monster. Nearly a year ago, Magnuson took their build out for a few test runs, topping out at 955 horses with 15 pounds of boost to net a time of 9.64 at 151.6 mph.

Magnuson Superchargers C7 Corvette Z06

Finally, we have this big, black C7-era Corvette Z06. Like the Camaro ZL1, the Z06 has a supercharged 6.2-liter LT4 V8, which makes 655 horses at the rear. But not this black stallion.

Under the cut-out carbon fiber hood is the same TVS 2650, but repackaged so you won’t need to cut a hole into your Z06’s hood (unless you want to, of course). The entire kit promises output of above 1,000 horsepower, is 100 percent bolt-on, and maintains the chosen car’s driveability and reliability, as if the hardcore setup emerged from the factory like that.

The rest of the Z06 is equally cool, from the carbon fiber bits and rear pair of Mickey Thompson tires, to the full roll cage inside the ‘Vette in case the immense power of the Magnuson TVS 2650 breaks loose on the track.

As for when you’ll be able to get our hands on Magnuson’s new masterpiece, the company says you’ll have to wait until March 2019 at the earliest. We can’t wait see (and hear) all of the Camaros and Corvettes rock this setup.

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