Moron Sideswipes Camaro SS, Wipes Out Running Away

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Camaro SS owner was driving to work when uninsured, unlicensed driver hits him with a Nissan belonging to someone else.

There’s nothing worse than having your pride and joy smashed up in an accident. Except for the one to cause the accident to then make a run for it. Why run from something that could have injured or killed the other, after all?

Because they have something to hide, of course. Luckily, one 2017 Camaro SS owner in Austin, Texas, a YouTuber who goes by Sir Oglesby, caught the whole thing (and then some) on dashcam and smartphone, then allowed YouTube channel ViralHog to publish the results.

2017 Camaro SS v Nissan Runner

“I was driving to work and I was on the right lane allowing me to go straight or left,” Oglesby says in the description of the video. “Someone sideswiped me trying to go straight from the left only turn lane. She took off and it took me a second to analyze what had happened.”

2017 Camaro SS v Nissan Runner

With 470 horsepower at the ready, Oglesby goes off on the runner, following at a distance lest something stupid happens. Which it does, as she loses it around the bend, crashing the white Nissan into a barbed wire fence. She tries to back out, but the mud (and the Camaro SS) hold her back.

2017 Camaro SS v Nissan Runner

“Bro, we could pay this off,” says the runner. “Honestly. I could have the money [and get that paid].” Oglesby isn’t having that, though, considering his car is $50,000 (the damage alone is $20,000), while the Nissan with the temp tag is about $5,000. The runner then walks all the way around the corner (and tries to get a ride from a passerby, but fails), while Oglesby makes a call to either the police or the insurance company to report the incident.

2017 Camaro SS v Nissan Runner

“The lady hit me back there, we come down this road. We literally hit about 80 miles per hour; she tried to take off on me,” said Oglesby. “I guess she didn’t anticipate the corner, so she slid right over there.”

And while the white Nissan is in the ditch, his Camaro SS has a busted door, driver’s side mirror, and left front fender, along with a scratched A pillar. Oglesby would later give an update in the comments, stating that the police caught her, and found that she had no insurance, no license, and that the Nissan wasn’t even hers.

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