Tune-in to the LSX Podcast!

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Sometimes, reading is just too much work. I mean, you can’t exactly sit down and browse the forums while wrenching simultaneously. Well, you probably could, but I’m not sure that’s safe. Luckily, there’s another way hear interesting stories and opinions on LS engines via the Planet LSX podcast.

The host of the Show is Robbert Kibbe, owner of the TheMuscleCarPlace.com. His co-host, John Ryan, should actually be familiar to long time LS1Tech members as the co-creator of the site. As you might expect, the guy who created LS1Tech has some pretty insightful things to say from time-to-time.

Their most recent podcast covers the COPO Camaro, GM’s move to Kentucky, and what the Super Bowl halftime show was missing. There’s a lot of interesting stuff here. Hang out with the guys below.

Download the Podcast Here!

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