Dale Earnhardt NASCAR Truck Monster Engine Build Begins

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We don’t know how this NASCAR truck became street legal, but we’re not about to question it.

Many of you already know of Cleetus McFarland‘s world record setting stick shift Corvette named “Leroy,” but one of his other toys is also GM powered. It’s a former NASCAR┬átruck emblazoned with Dale Earnhardt livery. Amazingly, this car is street legal in Florida, and McFarland has some plans for it including a new engine.

Swapping engines is good news for you, the reader. Why? Because the LS1 currently in the truck will be part of a giveaway for anyone who buys Cleetus McFarland merchandise through the end of September. That’s right, the entire motor. Well, mostly. You’ll essentially get a long block minus headers and the front accessories. Those are needed for the replacement engine, but otherwise McFarland says you’ll get everything “from the intake to the oil pan.”

Dale Earnhardt truck

The new engine? That is being kept under wraps for now, but it’ll be an LS7 make about 600 to the wheels all-motor, rev sky-high, and will debut at LS Fest East. McFarland plans to keep the truck street legal, but also plans to have it at drag strips, some road courses, and maybe even a return to Daytona.

Dale Earnhardt truck

Speaking of street legal, what better way to show off the give-away motor than to take the truck out for some lunch? McFarland and a shop mate head out for some fast food, ear plugs and all, and of course hilarity ensues. Drive-through ordering turns out to be a challenge, not because of the truck’s drivability, but because of its noise. It simply has to be turned off when ordering through a speaker and at the pickup window because it would create too much racket. Is it practical to use a truck like this for errands? Not a chance, but it sure is awesome.

As the saying goes, do it for Dale.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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