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wyotech blairsville pa?

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Well I wasn't sure how the Wyotech guys were gonna feel about what I said because it's the truth. Sometimes people get but hurt when they spend that much money and can't find a good paying job. There seems to be money in paint an dbody coming from Wyotech but not turning wrenches.

The industry is looking for diagnostic techs not parts changers. The question is WHY. If you don't know WHY then your not gonna make much money. WHY did that part go bad?

Like I said, just pick up a book, study for your ASEs, join a shop. Make em pay you 1$ extra for every patch. You will learn more in a shop in two years then you will there in 10 years..
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if you have to go to a school go to SAM that school is bad ******* *** and forget wyo tech they offerd me a full ride then when they cam to my house and seen my race car and asked what do you do with that and told them i street race it for money they got all bitchey and threw the guy out for being a *** in my house then i went in the marine corps 0321 all the way
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i went for diesel

it pays better and there's more jobs and personally i think the course is more in depth than any of the other courses.

you can be epa certified in class which is a plus.

the higher part of the graduate's pay range is all in the diesel industry.

I'm still there and am going to take chassis fab to get my welding skills up to par.

and yes blairsville is completely miserable but here's what you do...
1. live off campus
2. go to the iup library and tell them you haven't gotten your id made yet because it's your first semester here and you live off campus.
3. go get an i-card which is the iup id it cost like 15 dollars i think
4. this will get you into a lot of iup frat parties and such
5. don't get caught or you'll get your *** kicked.

personally i think the auto program is worthless there. i heard r/c was a little bit better and i really do love diesel.

good luck
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I went to Universal Technical Institute after I got out of the Air Force 11 years ago. I did the Auto and Diesel program. Good school, but very expensive then and even more so now that they are associated with Hot Rod, Nascar, etc. You can get just as good of an education at a community college. Luckily I got a 2 year degree, but not all campuses offer the degree. Just a diploma. One big plus from UTI is they are also associated with BMW, Mercedes, Detroit Diesel, Cummins, and many other big name companies. They also offer LIFETIME job placement services. I left the Auto industry in 2002 to work for John Deere doing experimental testing at their Product Engineering Center. Got out of the Auto industry just in time. Never would have got the job if I didn't have the 2 year degree. I currently supervise the drive train test lab and I can tell you we are struggling to find good candidates to hire as technicians in the test lab! We have taken most of the good ones from Implement deals and Auto dealers in the area. I think if I had it to do over I would have gone to a community college. If your looking at getting into the performance industry then it may be a plus to go to UTI or SAM. If not then I would go to a good community college.

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Originally Posted by nmarple254 View Post
Yep, then worked doing body work for about 6-7 months and hated it. Now i'm working on year 5 in the Marines and love it.
same here.
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It's not mine! woo hoo!
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For S&G's, I contacted them as I'm getting tired of my current career and thought about getting back into auto. For the $26,450 tuition, you're better off going to a real university and getting a real degree. The blue collar auto industry is not so hot at them moment. Get yourself a mechanical engineering degree (I know, probably a huge stretch if you're looking at Wyotech in the first place) and then work for a manufacturer. Better yet, just get yourself a general business AS and find something that will really make you happy.

If you are insistent on automotive, you might want to check out Penn Tech. It's a branch of Penn State and I'm sure it'd be infinitely more useful if you needed to get a job outside of automotive. http://www.pct.edu/schools/TT/
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SAM is the **** i wish i would have went there i went to UTI and im not affraid to say UTI sucks i didn't lean hardly anything new. when it came time for HOT ROD the street portion of the course all we did was remove intakes and dissconnect exhaust systems on little 4 cylinder **** bangers and take a nitrous bottle and spray right out of the bottle into the cars intake...lolol ohh yea they had a damn 96mustang with a 5.0 in it with like a 5 inch damn cowl hood and the thing wouldn't dyno over 90rwhp the cars there were JUNK they had a pro charged 2000 camaro with cam headers intake manifold and a buch of other **** and with 8psi. they couldn't make more than 400rwhp. HOT ROD is the biggest joke ever it's honestly a disgrace to the magazine every car in there damn shop was a pile of **** thats been sprayed withtin an inch of it's life.. they're the reason i have a 383. my so called teacher sprayed my firehawk with a 10lb. bottle of nitrous straight in to the intake from the bottle valve after i TOLD HIM SEVERAL TIMES I DIDN'T WANT TO DRY SHOT MY DAMN CAR. any way the car put down like 465rwhp and like 498rwtq i checked all my fluids and everything looked fine three days later the car had burt 2 quarts of oil and it spun a rod bearing... DON'T WASTE YOU TIME WITH UTI.
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Originally Posted by nmarple254 View Post
Yep, then worked doing body work for about 6-7 months and hated it. Now i'm working on year 5 in the Marines and love it.
well i was thinking about getting out of the Corps and going to an automotive school....answers that question. I'm working on year 7, re enlistment coming up soon (again!)
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Everyone I have talked to that has been to Wyotech or UTI has said it sucked and not to go, well on person said Wyotech was cool but said she did not learn much if I remember right.

I have heard good things about sam on here but thats from mostly employees and they are a sponsor here so.... They also have alist of people who hire them and I talked to one of the shops in the list and they said they did not know much about the school or the other one I mentioned.

If you want to work on cars call the local dealerships and talk to the service managers and see what they recomend.

Most guys I have known wen to a community tech school and got their ASE and went to work for a dealership and the dealership put them threw the factory training. Some places will hire you off the street as a oil changer/helper and you go up from there and they will pay for your school but good luck in this economy.
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o **** techer ******

the laramie campus is lame the local high school college kids will hate u if they see a wyotech parking sticker on your car its getting messed up

cody my instructor at VC TECH worked at wyotech and so did my upholstery teacher they both agreed wyotech is gay why do u think doug lerouy got the f outa dog went to VC Tech then the stupid board members decide to shut down the number 1 school in the nation and start his own school
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Frankly, any good and hard working honestand decent citizen of America would hate a person like you to be taking advantage of the system like the way you do. First off, you say that you are drawing unemployments benefits? Why do you need unemployment if you are able to make $30 an hour? That's one of the major problems in this society, unemployment is supposed to be for those who don't have a paycheck and ar eunable to support themselves and their families. I am drawing unemployment right now but I'm trying to get off of it and I will as soon as I can start earning a living again. You ought to be sorely ashamed of yourself.

Second: The Wyo Tech campus in Blairsville, PA is also the ASE certification testing site. It takes a minnium of at least 2 years expierence in addition to successfully passing the exam in order to be ASE certified.
ANOTHER important point. Not every one who finishes at a school like WYO Tech might be able to find jobs per se but that's not nessarily due to the school. A lot of it has to do with the indiviuals being too lazy to get up and look and work hard enough. Wyo Tech provides resources and tools, if it was such a **** school then explain to me why a wyo tech graduate was able to upon graduaction, immediately get hired by BMW? For those of you really wanting to know something about wyo tech, do yourself a favor and don't rely on postings like the one below but get out there yourself and find out for sure exactly just what this school is all about. That advice needs to be taken for all things. You will be surprised at the number of students who enroll into wyo tech and end up doing nothing more than juswt plainly looking for a party and goofing off. Yes the school is expensive but it is there to get you an entry level postion. It isn't for every one, nothing is. Most of your local technical coleges are not going to have all that extra stuff and tools, due to the public school budget strains. Now that is a fact.
About getting degrees, you are wrong about that too. You can take a management course and get your associates degree graduating with some knowledge in being able to operate a shop. Get your facts straight. This posting below is from someone who has never been to wyo tech but makes statements based upon what he has heard from a very select few.

Originally Posted by blubox View Post
I went to college in TX. San Jacinto College. Suppossed to be the best Automotive Technology school on the south east coast. All my instructors talked **** about Wyotech.

The 1st reason is because they don't really introduce you into the ASE's. In my school we studied for and took practice tests for ASE. Then the people in the class that wanted to go take their ASE's all went together and took them. Including the instructor.

The second reason is because you don't actually get a degree from Wyotech. Well not a state recognized one at least. I know that for sure. Might get a printed diploma saying you completely the program it's just not recognized. At a college you will get a degree that any job will look at. Even at a management position. It shows you have an assiciates degree from college.

The third is that they don't get you a job...In the school I went to they had you a job working in a dealership in your second year of school. You had to work at a delearship because it was your internship and part of your grade once you get into advanced classes.

The fourth is that you finish there and try to go to a dealership and they say go to college and get a degree and get your ASEs while your there. In my opinion you would be better off just doing the ASEs on your own, rather then going to Wyotech. Because a shop would rather see you have ASEs, then a paper from wyotech..seriouslly.

The fifth is the cost. It's way over priced. Try to find a college that offers automotive classes. Their T.V. commercials look nice but trust me it's a gimick. I know 3 people who went there and confirmed everything I heard from my instructors is true.

Also at the college I went to there was a shop with any tool you could ever need and you just need either a student ID or DL to rent a tool. The snapon guys offer you a %50 discount on any tools. That starts the day you start school. Not when you finish. When you finish the college GIVES you 2,500 in tools!

I only spent about 1,500 a semester for classes AND books. Then when I moved IN districted it cut my tuition in half so it was like $500 a semester for tuition and $500 for books. Trust me, you take SO many complex classes. Engine rebuilding is by no means the most complex. That was an easy class. The eletrical gets tricky. You do have to take your regular classes too like english, math, science, pe. Or you can go for the certificate which only takes 9 months, and still get your ASEs if your not looking to do a full 3 years of school. Now days it takes a full 3 years unless you do summers and mini-semesters. So much info to cram, always getting updated (hybrid just for starters) no longer just 2 years. A VERY hard course.

You will graduate thinking you know everything. Just to find out YOU DON'T KNOW ****!!! HAHA Spend 2 years, summers, Christmas breaks going to school just to have some old school mechanic give you a hard time and make you feel like **** and tell you to give it up and just change oil because everything takes you a long time and you break off a few bolts and screw a few things up. It's easy working on something you know, but it's hard when a different car rolls in and needs something done. The computer programs make it a little easier. You will just find it takes YEARS to really be a good mechanic.

I decided not to stick with it and went into Millwrights, which is a turbine mechanic, working for the union, then you can draw unemployment while your in between jobsites and do cash jobs (I build fence) and make a killing. Still getting full benifits. I could tell you more if you wanna know more I'll give you my e-mail. HAHA I know you Union bashers hate when someones making $30 an hour then drawing unemployment while their not working and still pulling in cash from cash jobs!

I'm not trying to tell you not to go, just want to inform you. If all you wanna do is learn then you will learn. Just wont be %100 ready to join a delearship or have a degree!

If you just start studying and take your ASEs and join a shop you will learn so much more just being in a shop if you listen to the old schools then going to school. I thought I knew so much on paper, then went into the shop and realized I had a lot to learn!
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Originally Posted by maxplusten View Post
We called em prostit-tots in my day lol
How do you know the Walmart staff was willing?
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Don't go into debt to learn auto/diesel, because chances are later you will need more education. Community college auto classes, add some welding, maybe industrial electricity courses and hands on experience. 75% of the auto job is busting tires, wheel alignments and changing oil at most shops.

There's alot of jobs out there you can take auto experience from and transfer it, but you don't train in school to be a generator technician, crane mechanic or locomotive machinist. Those jobs pay higher than auto techs.

Then you have jobs like testing engineer, manufacturing engineer or service engineer at OEM companies, having auto/diesel mechanic knowledge is a good asset, don't always need a BS or engineering degree if you have experience, but degree is preferred.

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