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carb'd ls1 database

Old 07-07-2009, 02:38 PM
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Default carb'd ls1 database

I'm compiling a carb'd ls based motor database. Don't need any responses in here besides what's listed trying to keep this thread clean of any bs. If you have questions PM the person who posted so this stays on track. Doing this in case we ever get a carb forum, would like to get a bunch of research out of this.

pump shot size fr/rr:
total timing:
base timing:
map timing:
jetting pri/sec:
power valve:
air bleeds:
rear gear:
tire size:
trap rpm:
car: make/model/etc
ET---or scan a slip in your post.....
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member: Qwiknotch

engine - 404" LS2 with 15.7:1 compression
heads - 235 TFS cnc
cam - big custom solid roller
intake - Super Victor
carb - HPHolley
total timing - will find out when I dyno it
base timing - ??
rear gear - 4.56
shiftpoint - 8200-8500
stall - whatever my two step is set at (Jerico car) probably 6500-7500
tire size - 27" or 28", depends on if it hooks on the 27's
trap rpm - hopefully 8200-8500
car - 1990 Mustang
weight - 2800 with me in it
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Old 07-07-2009, 05:28 PM
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engine: 346 LS1 with -2cc forged pistons, forged rods and stock crank
heads: PRC Stage 2.5 5.3 heads with 2.02/1.58(i think) valves
cam: Magic Stick 3 on a 113 LSA
intake: Victor Jr
carb: AED 750

total timing: find out in August
rear gear: 4.11
shiftpoint: 6800 - 7000
stall: PTC 3800
tire size: 27x11.5x15
trap rpm: unknown
car: 2002 Pontiac Trans Am Collector Edition
raceweight: 3500(est)
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Old 07-07-2009, 06:06 PM
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Old Combo.... new carb motor specs very soon

engine: 01 346 stock bottom
heads: 317 head milled 62cc
cam: 224/224 .581/.581
intake: Edelbrock RPM
carb: 680 AED DP HOLLEY
squirters: stock AED
pump shot size fr/rr:
total timing: MSD chip #4
base timing: MSD chip #4
map timing:
jetting pri/sec:Stock AED
power valve: 3.5
air bleeds: Stock AED
rear gear: 3.36
tire size:275/60R15
trap rpm:4200-4600 in third
car: make/model/etc chevy/corvette/1977
raceweight:3150 w/o driver
1.72 60ft ET: [email protected]

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engine: '01 5.3L
heads: 862 with PAC 1218 springs
cam: 224/224 .581/.581
intake: Victor Jr.
carb: Proform 750 DP
squirters: #35
pump shot size fr/rr: 50cc/30cc
total timing:
base timing:
map timing:
jetting pri/sec:
power valve: 5.5
air bleeds: .075 pri, .073 sec
rear gear: 3.23
stall: 3600
tire size: 315/35/17
trap rpm:
car: 1984 Camaro
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Old 07-08-2009, 06:41 AM
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engine: full forged LS6, LS6 lifters, comp cams pushrods
heads: stock 241s, Comp cams retainers/valve springs
cam: 220/220 111lsa, .550 lift
intake: GMPP intake
carb: BG Demon 750 mechanical secondaries
squirters: not sure
pump shot size fr/rr: not sure
total timing:max 29degrees above 3000rpm (Uk fuel)
base timing:15 degrees (cranking)
map timing: upto 36 degrees with vacuum light throttle low revs
jetting pri/sec: cant recall.
power valve:
air bleeds:
rear gear: n/a porsche G50 box
stall: manual box
tire size: 335-30-18
trap rpm: not run drag strip yet
car: make/model/etc - Gardner Douglas T70 Lola replica
raceweight: 1700lbs
ET none as yet
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Originally Posted by xpndbl3 View Post
member: S10xGN
engine: 2003 Corvette 346"
heads: 241
cam: Torquer V.2
intake: Victor, JR
carb: Holley 82751
squirters: 0.031"/ 0.028"
pump shot size: 30cc pink cam / 30cc pink cam
RPM timing: 34 from 2400 -> 5800
base timing: 12 @ 0 up to 28 @ 1000 (idle speed)
map timing: 16 @ 0 PSIA tapering off to 0 @ 12 PSIA
jetting pri/sec: 71 / 80
power valve: 4.5"
air bleeds: 25 (mains) / 75 (air)
rear gear: 3.50
shiftpoint: ...
converter: Precision VIG 3600
tire size: P325DR-15
trap rpm: ...
car: 1972 Ford Maverick
weight: ...

A couple other things to add:

ignition system: MSD-6010
spark plugs: Autolite AP5245
plug gaps: 0.045"
transmission: 200R4
fuel system: BG280 pump / regulator @ 6 PSI
exhaust: BBK 1.75" longtubes / 2.5" X-pipe / 2.5" Dynomax Race Bullets

Someone should make this a sticky!

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I like ^^^ his idea, so i will keep it up, the more info the better guys.

engine: Stock LQ4 shortblock
heads: 5.3 LS1 intake valves, mildly smoothed and port matched
cam: 224/236 .612, .607 117+2 LSA (PredZ spec'd)
intake: Edelbrock Vic Jr.
carb: Holley DP 750 vacuum
unknown thus far
pump shot size fr/rr: unknown thus far
total timing: unknown thus far
base timing: unknown thus far
map timing: unknown thus far
jetting pri/sec: unknown thus far
power valve: unknown thus far
air bleeds: unknown thus far
rear gear: 4.11
shiftpoint: 6800-7000
stall: 3500
tire size: 27.1 (255/60-15)
trap rpm:
unknown thus far
car: 1963 Chevy Nova wagon
raceweight: ~3000lbs. w/ me.
ET---or scan a slip in your post.....

Trans: TH400 (possibly switch to 4L80e later on for OD)
Ignition: MSD 6010
Coils: Stock
Plugs: NGK TR5
Compression: 11:1
Chamber size: 59cc
Headgasket: LS2/L92 (.051 thickness)
Exhaust: Hooker block hugger headers, full 2.5" duals with Hemi Super Turbo mufflers
Fuel system: unknown thus far

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Ok well nothing to out of the ordinary for this one just got a 95 Formula T/A with a ls out of the 02 zo6. found it with the long block no fuel parts or anything so went carb.

cam:.598 lift cam
intake:victor jr.
carb:650 speed demon
squirters:91 octane
shot size: 125 shot ZEX perimeter plate
total timing:cant remember
base timing:
map timing:
jetting pri/sec:
power valve:
air bleeds:
rear gear:3:7.1
tire size:275/
trap rpm:120 ish
car: make/model/etc 95 TA
ET---or scan a slip in your with the juice was a 11.01 at 128 i think right now i have in the works a 91mm turbo with the blow thru carb setup on a ls so much stuff changing cant even tell you what i have. but look for updates to come once i get home from this deployment.
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engine:6.0L LQ4
heads: stock 317
cam: 226
intake: Victor Jr
carb: Holley 850 DP
squirters: 31/31
pump shot size fr/rr: 50/50
total timing: 32
base timing: 20* until 1000rpms
map timing: none
jetting pri/sec: unknown
power valve: unknown
air bleeds: stock
rear gear: 4.56
shiftpoint: 6800
stall: 3500
tire size: 28X10.5
trap rpm: unknown
car: 82 Chevy C10
raceweight: 3800-4000
ET: [email protected]

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New combo coming

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engine: 2000 5.3
heads: stock
cam: tr220-114
intake: edelbrock performer rpm w/ divider cut down
carb: Holley 750 Street HP
squirters: 37/31
pump shot size fr/rr: 50cc/30cc
cams, pri/sec: white/pink
total timing: locked out at 29
base timing:
map timing:
jetting pri/sec:74/80
power valve:95
air bleeds: stock holley
rear gear: 4.10
shiftpoint: 6500
tire size:28x10.5-15
trap rpm:6700
car: 1991 Chevy S10
raceweight: 2930 w/me and a full fuel cell
ET: 11.99 @114 w/1.88 60'
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engine: 03 5.3 ltr
heads:mild hand port
cam:02 Z06 219 228 .550 .550 117.5 lsa
carb:700 holley DP
pump shot size fr/rr:30/30
total timing:33*
base timing:14*
map timing:5*
jetting pri/sec:68/73
power valve:10.5
air bleeds:stock
rear gear:3.08
tire size:285 40 17
trap rpm:
car: make/model/etc 86 Regal
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New combo

engine:04 LQ9
heads: 243's untouched spm castings
cam: 230 236 .602 .612 111 lsa
intake: GMPP
carb: 700 DP
pump shot size fr/rr: 30/30
total timing: not set
base timing: not set
map timing: not set
jetting pri/sec: not set
power valve:prolly 8.5
air bleeds: stock
rear gear: 3.73
stall: T-56
tire size:285 40 17
trap rpm: not set
car: make/model/etc 86 Regal
raceweight: 3,100
ET not set

Im not sure what to move the jetting up to any suggestions? I was thinking 73/78
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Old 08-31-2009, 12:09 AM
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engine: 370 ci 6.0 iron block LQ4
heads: 823 cast. LS3 hollow stem valves
cam: TSP 233/239
intake: GMPP
carb: Holley 750 HP
squirters: 28/31
base timing: 28*
map timing: 12*
jetting pri/sec: 74/80
power valve: 6.5
air bleeds: whatever the carb came with
rear gear: 3.50
shift point: 6800 or so
stall: 5 speed
tire size: 235 60 15
trap rpm:
car: 1968 Camaro Convertible
raceweight: I'm fat, so its heavy!
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engine: LS2 crate (LS364/440)
heads: 243
cam: Stock LS2
intake: gmpp single plane
carb: Holley 750, mech sec, 4779-c
squirters: #31 primary, #35 secondary
pump shot size fr/rr: 30CC/30CC
cam: pink front and back
total timing: 35
base timing: 9
map timing: 12 total
jetting pri/sec: 71/74
power valve: 6.5
primary air bleeds: IAB: 0.0625 HSAB: 0.0295
Secondaryair bleeds: IAB: 0.0625 HSAB: 0.0295
IFR: 0.0245 front and back
4 corner idle screws: ~ 1/2 turn
rear gear: 3.54
shiftpoint: 6600
stall: N/A (TKO 600)
tire size: 225-60-15
trap rpm: not measured
car: make/model/etc 1970 Datsun 240Z
ET not measured yet

Shorty headers, dual 3" to 2.5" to 2 1/4" into a single magnaflo muff, all mandrel bent

Drilled out the press in air bleeds and IFR and tapped for set screws. No bog off line, allowed me to get rid of 50 cc primary pump.

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Default Toxic z

engine: 08' 4.8
heads: 5.3 706
cam: stock
intake: vic. jr.
carb: holley hp 750
total timing: n/a
base timing: n/a
map timing: n/a
jetting: n/a
power valve: n/a
air bleeds: n/a
rear gear: 3.73
shift point: 7000
stall: 3000
tire size: n/a
trap rpm: n/a
car: 89 iroc z
race weight: n/a
ET: n/a

car is work in progres..
will update as it becomes available.
sold my engine to fund my accessories project.
engine being used will serve for testing purposes
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Default Newbie Here

Just finished motor in September, have a total of 8 time trials over a two week period. Had a couple of wiring gremlins with the alternator between week 1 and 2. It's two best slips are below. One with MPH and second with ET.

engine: LQ4 6.0L
heads: Stock, resurfaced, ARP studs
cam: Stock
intake: GM Performance
carb: Holley 750
pump shot size fr/rr: 69/79
total timing: MSD 6010; Curve 4
base timing:
map timing:
jetting pri/sec:
power valve:
air bleeds:
rear gear: Stock 3.23 in a GM 9 bolt
shiftpoint: 5500rpms
stall: 3500
tire size: 26x10.5
trap rpm: est: 5800-6200
car: make/model/etc 1987 Firebird, dedicated 1/4 mile car.
ET---or scan a slip in your post.....
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carb:holley ultra 750 double pumper
squirters:stock on carb
pump shot size fr/rr:30cc/30cc
total timing:33
base timing:10
map timing:0
jetting pri/sec:75/82
power valve:4.5
air bleeds:stock
rear gear:4:11
tire size:28"
trap rpm:6900
car: 99 chevy camaro
rwhp 450
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Old 04-21-2010, 04:04 AM
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Default My carbd combo

engine:2002 LS6 block
heads:GM 243 casting w/1.85 rockers
cam:Comp 54-418-11 (.582 intake .586 exhaust w/1.85 rockers)
intake:Edelbrock dual plane
carb: Holley HP 750
pump shot size fr/rr:
total timing:
base timing:
map timing:
jetting pri/sec:
power valve:
air bleeds:
Trans: TKO600
rear gear: 4.33 (ford 9in. w/detroit locker)
stall: n/a
tire size: 22x10 rear 20x8 front
trap rpm:
car: Is going in a 1985 c10

It made 498.8 HP @ 6000 rpm and 465 TQ. The hp curve is going up sharply at 6k, my guess is it probly makes around 525+ @ 6500 and up. This is flywheel HP/TQ so im curios how much i will lose to parasitic loss.

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