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running methanol

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Staging Lane
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Default running methanol

I am running an Electromotive TEC3 and I have the ability to fire phased injectors. I have the first set of injectors for my normal fuel, and can have the second set of injectors come in whenever I need, and can tune them the same way I would tune my primary fuel maps.

My question is, what if I were to get much larger injectors for the alcohol injectors (a/b 2x the size of my fuel injectors) and make their fuel map come on and begin to take over the fueling at xxx kPa, while turning the pulsewidth on my fuel injectors, have the engine run on more methanol than gasoline? Would the engine have the knock resistance (and slightly higher power output) of the methanol, with the lubricating qualities of gasoline, or would I not realize any benefits of doing it this way?

I was planning on running about 12psi on the street with only the gasoline injectors, and having the methanol injectors be "full blast," basically taking over, but around 20psi. Would it be detrimental to still spray the fuel as well? I wouldn't run the engine on methanol often, and as soon as i dropped below a given manifold pressure, the gasoline would take over (ie: letting off the gas at the end of a run).

What do you guys think?
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...i hope you have a bathtub of meth handy. lemme know when you figure it out. I don't think methanol would have the same lubricating qualities though. I very well could be mistaken.
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Staging Lane
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Yeah -- methanol has no lubricating qualities at all. I have a good source for it because I used to race karts that ran methanol, but I wouldn't go through it too quickly because I don't go to the strip much or anything. I just want to have it there for the special 20+ psi occasions
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i have asked prety much the same questions but still dont really know. i am going to set up an entire 2nd fuel system and injectors but need to decide if i want to make it alcohol compatiable or not.

i dont want a bunch of extra maintainance so a couple of questions i have.

assuming the same set up, pump on the 1st set of injectors and meth or race gas on the 2nd set would there be any more maintainance with alcohol, more oil changes, more plug checks/swaps? more pump or injector failure? more fuel filter changes? more power? harder to ignite?

i am thinking about just steping up to the 160lb alcohol injectors and making sure the lines and pump and all of that can handle alcohol and then just be able to try it along with race fuel. since nither will kick in till about 600rwhp i dont think the 160's would be hard to tune with even on race fuel.

my goal is to be able to drive around and not be using any race fuel or alcohol but it will be there ready to inject as soon as i roll into the throttle. i think the alcohol would make more power but i dont want to change my oil constantly or anything like that.
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^^That's almost exactly what I want, but I am going to set up a boost controller so that I can get on the gas hard and never reach the amount of boost where the alcohol would come in, unless I have flipped the switch for a higher amount of boost.

My main question is -- can I run alcohol as my primary fuel while still spraying a little fuel? Thanks,
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