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Check out these non driving homo's!

Old 11-07-2004, 08:08 AM
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I’ve been sitting hear for the last 15mins reading this thread and cringing, some of the childish comments coming from some of the UK guys have been disgraceful, makes me ashamed to be British. I would hope some of the more enlightened US guy’s feel the same as me, as it has been a two way road, some of the US comments have been equally disgraceful.

No wonder the our two country’s are hated so much by the outside world, we spend to much time bickering with each other rather than working together.

P.S Sorry to hear about the terrible incident you was involved in UK Soldier, think you are the only person who has the write to comment on the silly “war” tangent this thread has taken. It’s easy to talk forum politics behind a keyboard in a nice comfortable chair with beer in hand when there are men out there from both of our country’s dieing.

Not my forum or my say but I think this thread should be locked because it has gone miles off topic.
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Old 11-07-2004, 08:22 AM
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Default Stop!

All, read the posts from British soliders and please try and understand we're not enemies, we're allies and we need each other. Yes, Britain probably* needs the US more than the other way around right now, but it's still a symbiotic relationship.

Can I also say to some of the Brits posting insulting comments on here - you're just as bad as the ignoramuses who started all this in the first place. Please stop it.

*I say probably because if we turned away from the USA then Europe - a trade and technology block almost as powerful as the USA - would be much more welcoming. Our relationship with you grates with the French and Germans immensely, making it harder for us in Europe, but we still maintain it...
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Old 11-07-2004, 08:34 AM
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Originally Posted by GoldenVelvet
I have lived in South America for a year, and have been to the UK, Spain, and France (the French are some smelly people) but thats not the point, I am world traveled. When I returned to the US of A from South America I kissed the ground when I got off the plane. And if you know LAX you know what a feat that is.
So are you trying to say that you like no country except your own? I'm French, and I find this quote very insulting and ignorant! Especially since even if you did meet smelly people in France you can't turn around and say that 65 million French people are smelly. Look at it this way: I find you very snotty but then again I don't turn around and say all Americans are snotty. Which is why I'm not anti-American or anti-anybody.

I've really travelled and as a matter of fact I've even lived in England for two years so I know what I'm talking about. And I find it nice that English people are friendly with me. But to be honest as much as I would like to travel to the US people with a xenophobic and insular attitude like yours don't make me feel like I should. Btw to stay slightly more in the topic I love the Corvettes but the latest ones are more Japanese than American.

Originally Posted by GoldenVelvet
Im college educated and working on my second degree
In that case I find it worrying that you can't even spell - it's your own language (hint: apostrophes). I'm not English or American but I seem to write better English than you do...
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Old 11-07-2004, 08:34 AM
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Well hopefully we'l pull out the EU so we are not getting raped financially by the French and Germans but thats a different story.

In response to baddog, no your responses do not have the immature ring of some of the other posts. However, there is no bias. The British public do not need pampered to, we couldn't care less if America made a better car. We would care if that care was not available to us in a RHD format. Although we can import LHD cars, and a lot of people do there is a number of Mustangs where I live, LHD cars are just plain dangerous here.

So, in short, there is no need for them to crap on your car anymore than they crap on TVR's or BMW's.

I read about this thread on a Nissan forum not a TVR one by the way, once it hits the Nissan forums it tends to bounce around all the Japanese performance forums rather quickly.

Back to the British public bit, the people who watch Top Gear are car lovers, it doesn't matter where the car is from if it's a good car then it's a good car. I think we all know manufacturer 0-62 times are not exactly accurate at the best of times, that goes for all manufacturers. Even then whats important for us, is not so much the drag starts (we don't have competitive drags and I personally only use them to test performance and for bragging rights over friends) but how the car performed across the track, if I recall it performed rather well.
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Old 11-07-2004, 08:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Scotsman
Well hopefully we'l pull out the EU so we are not getting raped financially by the French and Germans but thats a different story.
How is that? I wish France and Germany pulled out of Europe, because we are being raped financially by Brussels!
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Old 11-07-2004, 09:28 AM
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