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slowss02 not a good experience at all.

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Thumbs down slowss02 not a good experience at all.

First the ad on here.

These are texts from my phone(copy/pasted) exactly how the deal went down. The guy agrees to sell me the seats, agrees to ship the UPS ground ASAP in the next couple days after payment but after awhile itís clear he didnít even have a box for them, didnít want to pay the shipping.(why he couldnít pack them tighter under the 130Ē oversize I do not know)

Anyway read on to see how he agrees to all kinds of stuff like confirming he can ship them ASAP and UPS ground, knowing he canít follow through and then just changes up the agreement at his leisure.

May 25th, 2010

Him 708-745-2040: send $160 . shipping and paypal fees will be included too.
Otherwise send me money order for 150

I'll do paypal if you can get them shipped right away.

Him 708-745-2040: Yes . They will go out this week if you paypal today
Need an address?
How close is greyhound to you?

Uh I'm out in the sticks so it's not. If they aren't going UPS don't worry about it I'll get some off craigslist

Him 708-745-2040: I can send ups but ground.

Ok?? UPS ground is what I expected when I said UPS

Him 708-745-2040: Or I can meet you halfway .Im In chicago
Oh ok. That's fine. I thought maybe you wanted like second day or something

Chicago? Ur ad says Alabama

Him 708-745-2040: No that's the second person that said that. Im In chicago

Well if you can UPS them tomorrow and get me a tracking number I can paypal you if you give me an address

Him 708-745-2040: It takes two days for paypal to clear. So they would go out thursday or friday

I thought that was only if paying from bank account. I keep money in paypal so it shoud be instant but I guess well see

Him 708-745-2040: I got money stolen from Paypal before cause someone got my password so I use my friends now that's why it takes couple days to clear and he gives me themoney. You want the Add?

I guess. It should still be instant to ur friends account

Him 708-745-2040: Yea but he cant withdraw it for couple days Paypal rules. So what's Up

What's his paypal

Him 708-745-2040: (paypal addy removed)
In comments put marios seats

Sent money

Him 708-745-2040: Ok. Il text you As soon As I get the money with the tracking. Send me your info at Ls1tech

June 2nd 2010

Do you have a tracking number for the seats?

Him 708-745-2040: No I Dont need a box can't just wrap it

Tracking number?

Him 708-745-2040: You know how hard Its to find a box for seats? Its nuts.

Well send me one that will fit all the seats
Doesn't do me any good if you have boxes does it lol. Im suppose to get one from a thread mill today

June 9th, 2010

What's the tracking number. I made it clear I wanted these asap and you yourself said they'd go out over two weeks ago when we were discussing payment.

Him 708-745-2040: Two weekS ago? How you figure Its been a week since I got the money and Didnt get the box till monday. Its gonna go greyhound this week still

And how exactly is greyhound going to get to my house. They don't do residential deliveries and they aren't anywhere around me.

Him 708-745-2040: Its gonna go to the nearest one to You and you gotta pick it Up
They will call you when Its there

Uh no that's an hour plus away and I never agreed to that or wasting my time and gas

Him 708-745-2040: And I agreed to wasting my time?

Ya the second you took payment

Him 708-745-2040: If you think Im sending ups and paying 130 you on drugsI told you I won't get payment for a little while cause Its my friends Paypal.

Well then pack them tighter. It's not my fault you agreed to ship them for that and didn't look in to it or even pack them tighter to avoid the 130inch
oversize charge

Him 708-745-2040: He owns a million dollar corporation you think he gonna drop it all and get me the money.

Well Im sending it the way I can and it needs to be Feesable

Him 708-745-2040: Greyhound is a hour away from me too so if I can do it so can you

Ya ur sending them ups ground just like the text where you said you would

Him 708-745-2040: You ain't gonna tell me what way to send it. Be ******* happy that Im going thru all this for you


That was the end of the texts. At this point I filled a paypal dispute and the guy whose email he used called him next week and guess what they still weren't shipped even though he said they were 'still going out this week'

That guy went and got the seats and shipped them in his packaging.
Another lie, the $130 shipping he was complaining about ended up being $45 UPS and they finally shipped just this week almost a month later via the other guy whose paypal account he used.
So thanks to the guy whose paypal account he used for helping out, otherwise I never would have gotten anything more then lies.

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Were you able to recover your money from PayPal?
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Originally Posted by BLNLS1/RX7 View Post
Were you able to recover your money from PayPal?
He got the parts.
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What a ***
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