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Wildside - very painful experience. Buyer BEWARE

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Default Wildside - very painful experience. Buyer BEWARE

Apologies up front. This is a little long.

I try to be fair. I try to be patient. However, when you stay off of the forum except for occasionally logging on to give vague promises of parts being shipped three times over the course of a month, I'm done.

I first bought an intake, injectors and rails from Josh a couple of months ago. Soon after, I realized I was going to need a couple more items, so I paid him for an alternator, a bracket, and a main pulley. This was on February 25. On February 29th, he messaged asking if I had the parts yet. I told him no, and asked for a tracking number. He said that his dad had it, and he would call him and message me back. I get nothing until I messaged him after five business days. March 5th (a Saturday), he got back to me telling me that his dad didn't ship anything. He also said that he wasn't going to try to get anything shipped while he was out of town again. So...it took me ASKING again days later for him to let me know it wasn't shipped? He then told me that it would be the following Thursday before he could ship it. Sigh...No choice but to wait. I told him that I'd wait for the parts.

I messaged him on March 13 (three days after he was supposed to ship). He got back to me the next day saying that the weather had been bad, but he would send them the next day (Tuesday). I waited until March 18 to ask if he had sent anything. He messaged me back on March 21. Now the story has changed to the fact that he is selling these parts for his friend, and he thought the guy had shipped the parts. (Wait, I thought he wasn't going to relay on other people to ship anymore?) He said he understood if I decided to bash him on the forum, but that he was packing my stuff right then, and I would have a tracking number shortly. Wanna make a guess what happened?

I still had no tracking number on March 22, so I sent him a message asking him to please send me the tracking number.

I finally started an action with Paypal on March 24 to get a resolution. Last night I sent him a message on Facebook and sent a friend request so he would see it. I got a response about a half hour ago. He basically said that his friend was screwing him and that he was refunding my money "right now". That was at 3:12. He also offered to give me an additional $30 to try to keep his 'good name' on the forum.Then he offered to send me a free alternator bracket. When I said I wanted a tracking number today, he said everything in his little town is closed, so he couldn't do that. I asked why I should even believe him since he promised in his own words that he was already packing my parts three days ago and now, he suddenly WASN'T.

I called him on a couple of other things, and suddenly he started spouting off with "I'm trying to be nice to you, but you're starting to **** me off.". Seriously?

It took well over an hour since he said he had sent me my money, but apparently, Paypal closes early in his town too, as he said he couldn't log on. He finally did, but couldn't remember my Paypal address (which is in his history AND in the dispute I started. Plus, how could he have sent my money if he didn't have my address? ) He tried saying that since I started a dispute, I must have already been paid back. Not quite... I finally got my money plus $25. Apparently, he added $30 to the amount he got after fees, not to what I actually paid. Either way, I was reimbursed.

He finished by saying that he would send the bracket out on Monday since he had it in his possession. Wanna guess what I didn't get a tracking number for Monday, Tuesday, or so far today?

After his choice to demonstrate once again how he does business, especially when he's trying to save face, I've decided to post up here as a warning to anyone that decides to do business with him.

;tldr Seller took over a month to ultimately NOT send parts. Seller failed when trying to rectify the problem. BUYER BEWARE.

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Just as an update, I sent Josh a message yesterday on Facebook asking if he had sent the bracket yet. He has since blocked me there, so that cements the fact that he has been less than honest throughout this.

Nothing more need be said about this transaction, I just caution other people in dealing with him.
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