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Am I in the wrong here?

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Default Am I in the wrong here?

So I sold a short block from my racecar partout. I never finished the car or even had the chance to fire the motor up. I bought it used from another member off of here several years ago. I did upgrade the pistons from a unknown brand flat top to Diamond dome nitrous pistons. When the heads came in, they hit the pistons since I ordered the pistons prior to knowing what heads I was going with. My engine builder and I call both Diamond and Tony Mamo to see what we should do. Both advised to build a mold and clearance the pistons. My builder did so and then put the motor together.

The member I sold the short block to was made aware of this prior to the sale and shipping. I sold the complete short block for 3000 dollars shipped and that included the paypal fees. When the buyer received it, he advised me that his builder told him the pistons were trashed and needed to be replaced. We went back and forth arguing that they were trashed but in the end we came to an agreement that I would refund him 700 dollars for the pistons. I sent him and extra 25 dollars to have him ship the old pistons back to me.

Two days later, he calls me and tells me the block has marks on the deck and other various problems. I then told him to ship the motor back and I would refund him his money. At this point my engine builder told me he would buy it and put it back together to prove that nothing is wrong and this guy is just trying to get one over on me. The buyer agreed at first and then told me later the same day that I need to give him money to return ship the motor. Paypal's user agreement states that it is the buyers responsibility to pay for return shipping. I paid the original 275 dollars to have it freight shipped to him and he is now telling me that they want 800 dollars to ship it back. I told him it was his responsibility and to either keep the motor and I'll keep the money or to pay for return shipping. I got paypal involved and they backed me and my request. Mind you, that at this point the buyer had already agreed to the initial refund and return request, so I had already started the refund process.

Another 2 days and then the buyer tells me he will keep the motor because it is too expensive to ship back to me. But at this point the refund had already been started and now he has the money and motor. I called paypal back and they said that because we never escaladed the dispute to a claim, nothing could be done, we were still in the "work it out ourselves" part. Paypal did help me work out with my bank a stop payment on the refund check, but my paypal account just went negative that 3000 dollars balance. The buyer ended up getting the full refund from paypal and that's why my paypal account was placed in the negative. The buyer and I came to a final agreement that he would keep the motor and he send me a payment of 2150 dollars back as a gift payment to avoid further paypal fees with the agreement that he would still ship back the pistons when he had them out of the motor. He didn't send it as a gift payment and paypal took another 60 dollars out of what I was owed. He said he forgot and that he would include 60 dollars in the shipment with the pistons.

At this point, I felt pretty fucked with what happened and how it happened, but my paypal account was returned to a neutral balance and the whole transaction was over. So several weeks go by and the buyer keeps saying it will be a few more days and then he will ship the pistons out. Then about a month go by and he doesn't answer me back at all. Come to find out he is in Japan now with the Navy and he put the pistons in storage instead of shipping them back to me. He told me that he feels I did him wrong and he doesn't have to uphold his end of the deal and I'll now have to wait 9 more months for him to return home and ship them to me. I think I was very accommodating to him and tried my hardest to fix the situation.

I know I learned to actually place my own eyes on parts before they are shipped. I never actually saw the motor to start with because it went straight to my builder. When the buyer told me about the pistons issues, I called Diamond back and they confirmed with me that we did the right thing to them when we clearance them and they looked fine. I also learned to make sure I go through paypal for everything so they can control the money and make the buyer return the parts to give the money back. I just feel that after everything I went through with this transaction, I think he was scamming me and I got fucked! How was I to know that he wasn't making it up and trying to **** me over, I trust my builder and know he wouldn't have put a motor together for me that was this fucked up. I want to file a report with JAG because of what he has done, but am I in the right here?

The buyer was 02SSFregolle

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Banter deleted. OP if you want "advice" take it to the lounge. This sub-forum is for disputes between buyer and seller ONLY

5. Do NOT post in ANY thread in which you were not personally involved with the sale or transaction. If you did not start the thread and your name is not in the title; THEN DO NOT POST IN THE THREAD
The days of unnecessary remarks, opinions, and prodding by people that were not part of the deal to begin with are over. This is a 3 strikes and you are out policy. 2 warnings with infractions then a ban. No exceptions.
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