Dick Eytchison’s 1965 Chevelle Four Door Autocross Car

When picking vehicles for autocross, most people gravitate toward giant ’60s sedans. With their light weight and natural agility, classic examples of Detroit Iron are perfect cars to tackle tight, twisty courses. Actually, that’s not really the case. At all. But Dick Eytchison isn’t most people, and with some help from some trick Hotchkis Suspension […] More »

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COPO Camaro Decimates Quarter in 8.64

COPO Camaros are fast. Always have been. But being able to run 8.64 out of the box is especially impressive. In fact, this is the fifth run down the track this particular car has taken. That’s crazy quick. The COPO Camaros have quite a reputation to live up to. The original models back in ’69 […] More »

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IS300 Gets 480 hp Turbo LS Swap

The LSX gets swapped into everything. We wouldn’t be surprised to see one dropped into a tricycle. Still, every now and then there’s a swap that makes us raise an eyebrow or two. This IS 300 swap is definitely one of those. It’s a strange swap. Not because the IS is bad match for a powerful turbo-charged […] More »

  Comments | By - October 2, 2012

Is the General Planning a New Z/28?

We haven’t seen a fifth generation Z/28 yet—but that doesn’t mean it’s not in the cards.  According to GM Authority, the General  recently filed to trademark the name Z/28, which raises some intriguing questions. But the first one that popped into my head had nothing to do with performance packages, it was a little more […] More »

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New Car Test Drive on the 2012 Camaro

Our buddies over at New Car Test Drive get to check out everything from econo-boxes like  the Toyota Matrix—yup, they still make it—to hot hardware like Aston Martin’s Rapide and Porsche’s Panamera.  So I was curious to see what they thought about the Camaro after getting to flog both the V6 and the 426hp SS […] More »

  Comments | By - October 1, 2012

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