View Full Version : Need firebird rims!?!?!?

05-03-2012, 03:32 PM
Does anyone know where I can get the rear end rim for my firebird? A couple days ago the rear rim chipped and popped my tire so now I need a new rim for it.. can anyone help me here?!

05-03-2012, 03:50 PM
Either the classifieds on here, check your local craigslist and ebay.

05-03-2012, 04:08 PM
There are three or four on Ebay right now

05-03-2012, 06:37 PM
That 16" chrome wheel can be found pretty cheap from what I have seen.

05-03-2012, 07:12 PM
Pick me up a set of c5 zo6 wheels and you can have my 17x9.5 ws6 wheels ;)

05-03-2012, 09:33 PM
I have two in mint shape that I will sell.

05-04-2012, 11:11 PM
Try the Parts Wanted forum when the time permits. You'd be surprised how well it works.

Raleigh TA
05-04-2012, 11:17 PM
He is a newbie, he will learn.

05-21-2012, 07:17 PM
Check this site out, they even have the salad shooter rims here!