Pro Mod Split Window Corvette Produces Insane Burnouts

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Pro Mod 1963 Chevrolet Corvette turns in an incredible burnout competition run at Santo’s Summer Thunder 2017.

Australia is well known for having some of the world’s great burnout competitions. Their smoke show battles take place on a big, open tarmac rather than in a burnout box. In most cases, we see cars which have been specially built and outfitted with tiny tires to do long, smoky burnouts. However, this video features the 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Pro Mod drag car with big fat tires. Wonder how that’s going to go down.

This Aussie burnout action took place at the Santo’s Summer Thunder 2017, which was a drag racing event held at Sydney Dragway. In hunting around the internet a bit, it appears as though Ben Bray and his badass Corvettes are well known in the drag racing scene. Regardless, in this video, he isn’t trying to get any traction. Pro Mod split window corvette burnout competition australia

As is the case with all of the Australian burnout competition videos, Bray’s split window Pro Mod Corvette starts with a short rolling burnout, which soon turns into a series of monster donuts. After an impressive 30-second long series of burnouts, which is punctuated only when Bray drives his Corvette out of the smoke, he gets out of the car to play the crowd a bit – revving the engine as he stands next to the engine. All throughout the burnout action, the sweet roar of the blown V8 is a perfect soundtrack to the action.

He then climbs back into his blown Corvette, backs away from the crowd and does another 30-second series of burnouts. The rear end of the split window car whips around over and over as smoke billows from the fat rear tires. As the smoke clears, his Corvette rumbles out of the burnout area as the crowd explodes in appreciation.

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