This Camaro Z28 Was Born From Sideways Dreams

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Very few things look or sound quite as mean as a second-gen Camaro Z28.

As I stand with Marcus, admiring his gorgeous, black 1973 Chevrolet Camaro Z28, I have to ask him why he chose this particular car to build, modify and use as a daily driver. His response was short, but impactful. “A college friend of mine had an early second-gen Camaro like this, and I saw him set it sideways at about 40 mph, tires just lit up in smoke. Apparently that stuck with me.” I would say that memory would stick with a lot of people.

As for the actual car sitting in front of us, it’s probably a perfect blueprint for anyone looking to restore an old Z28 for driver duty. The motor is an old-school, built 350 small block with double hump heads, a high-lift short-duration cam, and a custom exhaust. A Turbo-Hydramtic 350 transmission and 3.55 Posi rear end keep the power flowing smoothly to rear wheels with minimal effort.

The whole car sits low, and aggressively, on Foose Legend wheels thanks to a Hotchkis lowering kit that dropped the car two-inches all the way around. Other visual changes that add to the overall look and feel of the car include blacked out trim, tinted windows, and some high-powered LED replacement headlights with black housings. The entire car rolls along the road like a shimmering shadow. A very loud shadow, but a shadow nonetheless.

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But a build like this can’t quite set itself sideways at 40 mph, so Marcus says he isn’t finished. “Yeah, I’ve got a lot of parts at the garage just waiting for me to start the big winter upgrade. Just want something a little peppier than it is now.” What exactly does “a little peppier” mean? Well in this case it means a built 454 with domed pistons, aluminum heads, and an upgraded cam.

Surely that would be enough to get sideways at 40 mph.

Along with the planned engine swap, Marcus also has a set of Wilwood brakes with four-piston calipers for all four corners, and is planning to throw in some beefy swaybars from Hotchkis. No word on a potential upgrade for the transmission or rear end.

We’ve already got a second shoot setup for the end of summer when his ideal daily driver is set to become a proper muscle car monster, but until then check out this gallery. This Z28 is simply one of the cleanest and most well thought out build’s I’ve seen in a long while. Every single piece and part has been chosen for a specific reason and a particular purpose. It’s that attention to detail that really makes this car feel more special than most Camaros I’ve been around. From the wrapped headers, to the upgraded alternator, and the custom exhaust that was cut at the perfect angle to hide the tips under the body lines, Marcus has put his own personal touch on every piece and panel of this sexy machine.

I can’t wait to see it next summer.

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