Clean, Unmodified LS1 Firebird Trans Am Convertible is a Rare Find

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1998 Firdbird Convertible

Driver’s seat is in rough shape, but this Firebird is clean all around the outside.

The demise of the Pontiac brand has made the Firebird Trans Am a hot commodity, especially when they are powered by the legendary LS1 engine. The problem is that in many cases, LS1 cars have been heavily modified or abused during their lives, and not everyone wants a car that someone else built and drove into the ground.

Fortunately, some searching will find you a clean, unmodified Pontiac Firebird with an LS1 engine, but thanks to the LS1Tech Marketplace, you don’t need to do any searching. A white 1998 Trans Am convertible was posted to the forum by “standup95” and for someone looking for a relatively clean LS1 Firebird in stock form, this car is an excellent option.

Trans Am Top Down

The Introduction

When the OP first posted his 1998 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am convertible for sale in the forum, he offered a pretty detailed run-down on the car. Since it is stock, he mostly talked about the condition of the vehicle, along with mentioning some of the highlights, lowlights and things that have been recently repaired or replaced.

Selling my 98 trans am convertible, has 118k miles, auto trans, torque thrust wheels, stock never modified or molested, clean grey interior, ripped driver seat on bolster and bottom, perfect black top, everything works, no mechanical issues, asking $5500, car is very clean and spotless underneath, new brass headlight gears, new torque thrust 2 wheels and tires, same owner since 01 runs very quiet and smooth

normal cosmetic wear and tear for 22 year old car, spider web front bumper and 2 small tears on bottom, rear has little on top, clearcoat fade on spoiler a little but can’t really notice outside in sun, the door panels and dash pad are NOT CRACKED, the only thing that acts up sometimes is the radio screen has a mind of its own sometimes haha, one pic is with stock wheels which have been sold already.

He also included a dozen pictures, several of which we have posted here, but there are more close-up shots in the sale post.

Endless Options

This Firebird is nice enough that anyone looking to buy and drive might want to jump on this opportunity. The driver’s seat is the worst part of the car and that is easy enough to replace with a seat from a junkyard or a new seat skin, but other than that, this LS1-powered Pontiac is ready to be a great summer cruiser.

Firebird Interior

On the other hand, if you are looking for a Firebird to build up, this is a great option, as you know that no one has added aftermarket components that will lead to headaches during the build. Anyone who is going to build the car won’t mind replacing the stock seats with some aftermarket buckets, effectively fixing the ugly seat problem.

1998 Pontiac Firebird Convertible

In any case, if you want a clean, unmodified LS1 Firebird convertible that is priced to move, this $5,500 Pontiac might be your ideal summer cruiser.

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