Colorado Police Seek Owner of Ditched Camaro in Ditch

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Abandoned 2013 Camaro found in irrigation ditch without its driver.

Anybody from Colorado missing their 2013 Chevy Camaro? Would a description help? Rally yellow, black wheels, dark tint, deployed airbags, and mud interior. The Colorado State Police are trying to figure out the series of events leading up to the discovery of an abandoned bright-yellow fifth-generation Camaro hanging out in a water-filled irrigation ditch next to the side of the road in Morgan County, Colorado.

From the photos and descriptions posted on the CSP Sterling’s Twitter account, the car—and ostensibly its now-absent driver—missed a curve and just launched straight into the watery ditch. Somewhere in the chain of events after that, the driver disappeared. Hopefully, he or she is alright, but the police are asking for the vehicle’s owner to come forward to claim the car and, hopefully, tell the whole story.

A crane lifted the muddied Camaro back onto dry land in the form of a flatbed. Gauging by law enforcement’s response, they likely know at least some details and just want the owner to come forward. They’re asking for anyone with information on the owner or who recognizes the car to call 970-522-4696.

Maybe the whole “Was it DUI or sleeping driver?” thing is off the mark anway. Irrigation ditches surely get lonely and the only things anybody ever gives them are water and sometimes very small rocks. Maybe this driver was just trying to do something nice for a change. In a cold and uncaring world, what better gift could someone give than a heavily tinted 2013 Chevy Camaro in Rally Yellow. Bless you, Camaro driver, for thinking of those inanimate objects whose aspirations (probably) include an eye-catching pony car. fifth gen Camaro in ditch colorado

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