Corvette and Camaro Battle Bolt-On S550 Mustang on the Street

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Mustang takes on the world, and that world includes a Corvette or two, a Camaro, and even a boosted F-150.

There’s no denying that the modern-day Coyote-powered S550 Mustang is a formidable foe. With a few bolt-ons or a power adder, these cars are quite quick in a straight line. That’s certainly the case with the Mustang owned by YouTuber Shots By Jacob and depicted in this video. And it fares fairly well on the street against a C6 Corvette, 6th gen Camaro, and several other opponents including an F-150.

Jacob’s Mustang has Texas Speed long tubes, a JLT cold air intake, and a Lund E85 tune. Which is a proven combo to make around 500 wheel hp on the 2018+ Mustang. Which this isn’t, but the 2nd gen Coyote still likely makes pretty decent power. It’s enough to pull on a cammed C6 Corvette, doing a 50 roll, right off the bat. From a 60 roll, however, the two are basically neck and neck.

Corvette and Camaro Street Race

Next up is a BMW of unknown origin, which the Mustang lays waste to. Then, another Mustang, this time an S197 with some bolt-ons and drag radials. The older ‘Stang gaps the newer one before a GT350-manifold S550 pulls him ever so slightly. Finally, we delve into more GM products. This time, what we presume is a stock 6th gen Camaro loses to the Mustang by a relatively considerable margin.


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Thankfully, a cammed Chevy SS takes down our well-used Mustang on the next run. And then, we get to see another C6 Corvette take him on, this one featuring headers and a tune. This Corvette manages to hang with him, but ultimately takes the L. After that, it’s a couple more races with with a 10-speed auto Mustang before the best race of the night.

Corvette and Camaro Battle Bolt-On S550 Mustang on the Street

Admittedly, it gives us a little chuckle watching an F-150 walk this Mustang. But he’s boosted with a 10-speed auto, so we suppose it wasn’t a truly fair fight. Still, you have to commend our Mustang owner here for some good driving and excellent shifting. But if a Corvette or Camaro with a few more mods showed up on this interesting night, we have a feeling the results would have been very, very different.

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