Turbocharged C6 Corvette Z06 Slays All at the Drag Strip

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Corvette Z06 turns impressive quarter mile times thanks to boost.

This drag strip beatdown video comes to us from the YouTube channel of GuelphRacing and it features C5 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 making a few blasts down the quarter mile at Toronto Motorsports Park in Canada. Shy of the wheels, this C6 looks pretty much stock, but the elapsed times leave no question that this ‘Vette is making some serious power.

The Competitors

In this video, we get to watch the black C5 Corvette Z06 make three runs down the Canadian drag strip, once by itself, once against a Pontiac Sunfire and once against a Mazdaspeed6. Those competitors might seem ridiculous, but they actually put up a decent fight against a 10-second sports car.

Pontiac Racing Corvette

While the details are short, we know that the Corvette is a Z06 from the C5 generation, meaning that it came from the factory with a 385-horsepower LS6 under the hood. According to the video title, this particular C5Z is fitted with some variety of turbocharger setup, allowing the engine to make the power needed to run well into the 10-second range.

As for the Sunfire and the Mazda, we don’t know what is done to them, but they both turn in respectable performances against the Corvette.

C5 Corvette Z06 Single Pass

The Action

The first race pits the Pontiac Sunfire against the C5 Corvette Z06 and while it seems like an absurd matchup, you might rethink that when the run begins. The average-looking Pontiac compact gets the better start and jumps out to a pretty significant lead before the Corvette catches up and wins the race. In the end, the Pontiac ran a 13.13 to the Z’s 11.34.

The second run is a single-pass for the Corvette, allowing the driver to focus on his launch. As a result, the turbocharged Z06 improves from the first pass, running a 10.71.

Corvette Versus Mazda

The third and final pass has the black C5 Vette running against a Mazdaspeed 6. These Japanese sedans are solid performers for what they are, and the anti-lag system prior to the start of the race might lead you to believe that the Chevy might be in for a tough run, but you would be wrong. The Mazda gets out first with a whole lot of noise, but it only takes a few feet for the Z06 to catch, pass and cruise to a win with a 10.63 to the Mazda’s disappointing 13.41.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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