Drag Race: C7 Corvette Z06 Goes 10.53

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ls1tech.com C7 corvette Z06 stock 1/4 miles 10 seconds

A near-stock C7 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 boogies down the track in just ten and a half seconds.

This drag race video features a C7 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 making a run down the quarter mile drag strip against a classic Buick Skylark. We don’t get details on either car, but the information with the video suggests that the Corvette is “bone stock.”

We question this claim, as the Corvette appears to have a 5-spoke wheel design which has not been offered on the C7 Z06, so if nothing else, the wheels are not “bone stock”.

Of course, who goes to the drag strip with custom wheels on a 650 horsepower, supercharged supercar without mounting up good tires, right? Most people who swap to unique wheels for the drag do so in order to add better rubber without unmounting their stock wheels and tires, so when combined with how well this Corvette gets off of the line – it is safe to assume that this Z06 owner has stickier-than-stock tires. Based on how much squat the stiffly-suspended Z has off the line, we are guessing drag radials are part of the equation.

ls1tech.com C7 corvette Z06 stock 1/4 miles 10 seconds

In any case, the video begins as the C7 Corvette Z06 and classic Buick both stage at the starting line while the announcer seemingly refers to the Vette as a Tesla. When the light turns green, the Buick jumps out to an early lead, but the Corvette quickly closes the gap, pulls ahead and drives away. In the end, the Z06 hands the old Buick a beating, running a 10.53 at 135 miles per hour while the Buick appears to run something in the area of a 15.67 at 86mph.

10.53 is far from the quickest quarter mile run we have seen from a C7 Corvette Z06, but considering that this car has the manual transmission and it might be near-stock, 10.53 @ 135 is an impressive run for this new supercar.

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