Dyno Blast Wednesday: V6 Firebird Clears its Throat on the Rollers

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Watch and listen as a 4th gen Firebird with a built V6 works out on the dyno.

The majority of our Dyno Blast Wednesday videos features Camaros, Corvettes and Firebirds with massively built V8 engines, but this week’s clip takes a very different approach. The 4th gen Pontiac Firebird in the video below is powered by the standard 3.8L V6, but it has been heavily built from the bottom up to make far more than the stock power ratings.

In stock form, this 4th gen Pontiac Firebird with the standard V6 would have offered 200 horsepower and 225lb-ft of torque at the transmission, which with a 15% drivetrain loss ratio would yield approximately 170 horsepower and 191lb-ft of torque. This 4g Firebird has been fitted with ported cylinder heads fitted with larger valves, a ported intake manifold, a custom camshaft, 11:1 compression pistons, long tube headers, a true dual exhaust setup and a custom tune for 91 octane gasoline.

ls1tech.com Dyno Wednesday V6 4th gen f body firebird pontiac 3800

As this Pontiac backs its way through the shop to the dyno, it has a surprisingly V8-like grumble, but the license plate reassures us all that it is Not a V8. When the first dyno run begins, we can hear the higher pitched roar of the worked V6 and on a less-than-great run, it lays down 223 horsepower and 239lb-ft of torque at the rear wheels while running very rich.

After some tuning adjustments, the V6 Firebird made another run and on this second blast, the numbers rose to 247 horsepower and 268lb-ft of torque at the rear wheels. This represents an increase of roughly 77 horsepower and 77lb-ft of torque at the rear wheels and when we take into account that assumed 15% drivetrain loss – this built Firebird V6 is making around 291hp and 315lb-ft of torque.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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