European Tuner HGK Creates LS7-swapped BMW M2 Drift Monster

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The best way to make a BMW M2 better is by doubling the horsepower via an LS swap, obviously.

The bug for drifting is quite popular these days, and catching right up with it is the excessive designs of the cars built to slither around a track. Excessive could be bad in some cases, but not for HGK. The European based tuners have built two BMW M2’s but their power plant is all-American.

Unlike some cars that are thrown together in a weekend, HGK’s approach with these two BMW’s stems from getting the most out of the platform. An M2 is a good choice, and an LS7 powerplant makes it even better. At a size of 460 cubic inches, the LS7 is over twice the displacement of the original BMW engine, and power is over two times the amount as well. If breaking the rear tires loose is the goal, 850 horsepower ought to be just fine. But drifting is also about show and the style, so it does help that these cars arguably sound twice as good, too.

LS Swap BMW M2

For those who are fans of drifting, the display hosted by these two BMW M2’s stands as nothing short of amazing. With steering angles cranked up to 11, each car has a go on the Castelletto Circuit. Their heat in this video is during round 2 of the 2018 King of Europe challenge. While HGK might be a Latvia based company, the drivers, Schori and Meyer are both Swiss. Using every inch of the track, each tire-shredding M2 is piloted with exquisite style. Speaking of style, both M2’s use stock styling, but in an enhanced way. Under-hood shots show carbon fiber is used extensively in the body, and the interior is bespoke to each car.

BMW fans might not like the engine change from their Ultimate Driving Machine, but we certainly do, and there’s no doubting how awesome these two M2’s are.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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