Ford Mustang ‘Drift Fox’ Gets New LS Transplant

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Purists will hate it, but this LS-swapped Mustang makes perfect sense.

Want to make a Ford guy go from zero to triggered in mere seconds? Try to tell him the many reasons why an LS makes a better engine choice than anything Blue Oval built. Or, even better, simply show him a Ford with a Chevy engine in it. If you need some fresh ammo, we’ve got you covered. YouTuber Premium Fuel Mag, owner the internet famous Ford Mustang “Drift Fox,” recently ripped out his old 5.0 in favor of an LS.

Why would he ever do such a thing, you ask? Well, his reasoning is pretty consistent with the many, many others that have done the same thing. He wanted something “lighter and higher revving” for his Mustang. Something that was equally good at drag racing and drifting, as well as reliable. An engine that is affordable, unlike the $10k Coyote or $30k GT350 5.2-liter swap.

Ford Mustang LS

Other swaps, like the Nissan RB25 or RB26, are cool but complicated. Nothing else simply “measures up to what’s in the car” at this point. Which leaves us with, of course, the LS. Revered for its simplicity, affordability, reliability, and potential. In this case, our Ford Mustang owner has opted for a platform that he’s admittedly been “a long time fan of.”

Right off the bat, he’s saving 100 pounds over the outgoing 5.0. It’s also smaller and higher revving. Our host is coy on power figures and actual displacement. But he does hint that it’s going to produce some serious output. Interestingly, he also went with mostly OEM parts. Essentially with a junkyard motor, which is another appeal of the LS.

At the end of the day, it’s hard to blame him. When you’re working on a shoestring budget but have million dollar dreams, the LS is the answer every time!

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