Kill Stories: Boosted Chevrolet Performance Vehicles Dominate Dig Night

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A Chevrolet S10, a few Camaros and a few imports with GM V8s flex their muscles in some fantastic dig racing action.

This week’s featured Kill Stories video showcases a wide variety of Chevrolet performance vehicles showing off their ability to get down on the street. This video was originally shared to the forum in a thread by KFC_Or_Bust from the YouTube channel that shares that screen name. This ten-minute video is jam-packed with a plethora of boosted LS-powered vehicles.

5g Camaro Vs S10

The Competitors

During the course of this ten-minute video, we get to watch a great many vehicles participate in some high-powered dig racing somewhere in Mexico. There are too many competitors for us to list them all here, but before each race, the information on the vehicles is displayed above them.

For example, the first race on the video pits a 5th gen Chevrolet Camaro with an LSA supercharged V8, a TH400 transmission and 700 wheel horsepower against a Chevy S10 pickup with a blown and bottled 5.3L V8 (as shown above) – with the pickup taking the win.

Other key competitors include a 2nd gen Camaro with an LS2 and four turbochargers from an EcoBoost engine (known as the Junkyard Bugatti), a 1967 Camaro with a 408 LSX, a Nissan with a supercharged 5.3L GM V8, a bottled 2nd gen, a big block square-body Chevy truck, an RX7 with a small block Chevy V8 and a whole bunch of Ford Mustangs.

The Action

Each race in this video begins with a burnout and a look at the starting line as the two vehicles leave. As they race away, the footage switches to a camera on the top end of the track so that we can get a good look at who crosses the finish line first. Each run has vehicle introductions and in the event of a close race, slow motion views of the finish line.

The racing action in this video is great, so if you are looking to kill ten minutes today, grab a drink, crank up your speakers and enjoy this Chevy-heavy street racing video.

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