Kill Stories: Bottled and Tuned Camaro SS Walks Blown Challenger RT

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A new Camaro SS with bolt-ons, nitrous and a tune pummels a supercharged 2012 Dodge Challenger RT over and over again.

This week’s Kill Stories video was shared in the forum by LS1Tech member Nick H after being posted on the Full Throttle Videos YouTube channel. It features a handful of roll races between a 2017 Chevrolet Camaro SS and a 2012 Dodge Challenger R/T – both of which have 6-speed manual transmissions.

In stock form, a 2017 Camaro SS would destroy a 2012 Dodge Challenger R/T, but neither of these cars are anywhere close to stock. The Camaro has long tube headers, no catalytic converters, a full exhaust system, a nitrous setup and a tune. Meanwhile, the Challenger has headers, a cam, a supercharger and a tune. But would all of those modifications change the outcome when compared to the stock race?

Bottled Camaro VS Blown Challenger

Not so much.

After a walkaround of the Camaro and the Challenger, the two take to the streets to see which modified muscle car is quicker from a roll. With the camera in the Camaro, the two cars make runs from 25 and 40 miles per hour. In both of those races, the Chevy comfortably walks away from the Challenger. On the third run, the Camaro driver turns on the nitrous system, allowing him to beat the Challenger much worse. On the last run of the video, the Chevy driver gives the Challenger the hit, allowing the Dodge to have a bit of a lead to start the race, but it doesn’t matter, as the bottled LT1 in a lighter car is just too much for the blown Hemi and the heavier car.

So, while this video doesn’t hold many surprises, it is a fine example of how badly a bottled and tuned 6g Camaro SS will pummel a 5.7L Dodge Challenger, even with a supercharger.

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