Is This Official Proof that the Mid-Engine Corvette Zora is Coming?

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There are some internet rumors that just won’t die. One of them involves Chevrolet making a mid-engine Corvette possibly named Zora. I’m convinced people have been saying that it was going to happen as long as I’ve been alive on this planet. It’s understandable that people are skeptical of the mythical GM unicorn. It appears that development is moving forward based on some spy photos that just were released today. Yes folks, that’s a for real mid-engine Corvette prototype.

Wearing mostly C7 body armor, you can tell it doesn’t look like other Corvettes. It just so happens that the spy photographer who snapped the shots was also able to get another Corvette in a few of the snaps for reference. Where the rear glass would be on the hatchback is an opening that looks to be designed to help cool the engine. You can check out the spy shots in their full glory in the thread over on Corvette Forum.

The car is lower and wider from the photos, and the car carries a similar rear profile of other mid-engine cars that we’re used to seeing.

While these are hardly production-ready photos, they do seem pretty conclusive that GM has put at least some effort into developing the Corvette on a mid-engine platform. That doesn’t mean the Zora will ultimately see production — things may not go the way they want to during testing — but it does seem they’re seriously testing the waters.

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via [Corvette Forum]

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