Sorry, the “First Car in the World on 34-Inch Wheels” is a Camaro

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Here it is—one image that completely sums up why people love to hate SEMA. This tastefully optioned Camaro is, if the Starr Wheel Group are correct, the first car rolling on 34-inch wheels. Yup, it’s an answer to a question nobody asked, and it’s about five years late to the high-riser party. For the record, I think this thing might be street legal in Florida.

I wanted to ask where the hell the folks managed to find tires to wrap around those rims, but the dudes in the booth looked too busy slouching against the back of the car to be bothered. When I asked them to move so I could get a shot of this monstrosity, they grudgingly, barely, complied. If I hear about a disturbance at the Hooters Casino tonight, I’ll know who to blame.




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