Throwback Thursday: 2014 Chevy SS NASCAR Ad

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Road-going Chevy SS meets some famous NASCAR SS race cars.

The Chevrolet SS sport sedan recently met the end of its production in Australia and it doesn’t appear as though General Motors has any plans to roll out a new generation. Chevy SS sales were relatively slow throughout the duration of the 4-model year run and in most cases, people blame the poor sales figures on a lack of marketing. While GM exec Mark Reuss once referred to the SS as a four door Corvette, the 415hp sport sedan never got the attention from the marketing folks as any of the other Chevrolet products.

One place where GM did promote the Chevy SS actively was in NASCAR, where the Chevrolet teams relied on Chevrolet SS bodies for a few years during the production run of the high performance sedan. This week’s Throwback Thursday video features one of the few Chevy SS commercials, which ties in the road-going sedan and the NASCAR racecar. 2014 Chevy SS NASCAR ad

The commercial begins with a camouflaged NASCAR blasting around a computer generated oval track. As speeds climb, the black and white camo begins to peel away, revealing Jeff Gordon’s #24 Chevy SS racecar. The #24 SS makes its way around the track, passing the #5 Chevy when the NASCAR livery begins to peel off as well – exposing a black car underneath.

As all of the NASCAR #24 skin peels away, we are introduced to the 2014 Chevrolet SS production sedan in silver with plenty of chrome trim. The camera angle then bounces all around the car – inside and out- giving us a look at the high performance sedan from every angle.

This is a pretty cool commercial and had GM made more of these, perhaps the Chevrolet SS would have sold a little better.

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