Breaker, Breaker: Hot Pursuit for Trans Ams at SEMA

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Modern 455 Super Duty Trans Am SEMA

The Firebird rises again with ’77 inspired custom build and 455 Super Duty at SEMA. 

Recently LS1Tech reported on the return of the Trans Am 455 Super Duty. We were thrilled to see the Trans Am on the floor at this year’s SEMA. Of course, you can’t mention Pontiac Firebird Trans Am without thinking of Smokey And The Bandit. The “Bandit” Firebird 455 Super Duty was on hand to thrill SEMA.

Trans Ams are clearly a crowd favorite. Each delivers their own brand of American muscle. A little old school, a little new school, and a little too cool for school.

Bandit Firebird Trans Am 455 Super Duty 

1977 Trans Am SEMA + Smoket & The Bandit

Brothers Scott and Tod Warmack founded Trans Am Worldwide (TAW) to bring back these powerful machines. Of course, they would have to include a 1977 custom built Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. The beloved iconic ride of the 1970s was for many, the car that made us car enthusiasts.

1977 Trans Am SEMA

The Bandit edition of of the 455 Super Duty delivers a staggering 1,000 hp. There’s no doubt that this build would make Burt Reynolds proud.

Trans Am 455 Super Duty 

Modern 455 Super Duty Trans Am SEMA

The Trans Am 455 Super Duty conversion is powered by a Nascar built 7.4 liter engine that delivers over 1,000 of hp, and 1046 lb-ft of torque. They added additional touches such as the 2″ tube headers with 3″ exhaust and splitter tips, and RXT 1200 twin disc clutch.

There is full carbon fiber front and rear body components. The paint job and exterior is all custom. It runs on high-performance SD wheels, Michelin Pilot sport tires, 285 in the front and 305 in the rear.

Modern 455 Super Duty Trans Am SEMA interior

Retro vibes are strong in the interior. The retro gauges are a great touch, as is the red leather with black interior.


These are beautiful beasts that can hit top speeds of over 200 mph. Just steer clear of any Smokeys on your tail.

Photos for LS1Tech by Derin Richardson

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