Turbocharged Pontiac G8 GT Runs Hard, Blows Motor at the Drag Strip

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Turbo Pontiac G8 GT is one of the cleaner examples we’ve seen out there, but the good looks didn’t save it from engine failure.

When it comes to racing, the Pontiac G8 isn’t exactly a common sight. It’s run was cut short when General Motors killed off the Pontiac brand, making these things a relatively rare sight, in general. Still, it’s a big body GM sedan with an LS motor under the hood, that powers the rear wheels, how far wrong can you really go?

Well, perhaps ask G8 GT driver Mike Myers, who is featured in this video from the Blown64Vette YouTube channel. According to the description, Myers is something of a regular at Brainerd Motorsports Park in Northern Georgia, where he wheels his heavily modified G8 GT.

First up, it’s a G8 GT with an automatic transmission, that has clearly been turbocharged. We like the fitment of the intercooler and the exhaust dump out of the hood. In addition to that, it appears to be rocking some wheels off a 5th gen Camaro Z28, which have some fat drag radials on them.


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In the video, we see the slick G8 GT making multiple eighth-mile passes, all in the very low six-second range, so the car is obviously quick. However, in the last run, which is up against a heavily modified fifth-gen Camaro SS, things go a bit different than planned. While Myers in his G8 does his best to hang with the monster Camaro, the 60-foot times are telling: 1.445 to 1.511. From there, the gap only grows, with the Camaro pulling away in the big end. However, to rub salt into the wound, it a big poof of white smoke envelopes the G8 near the finish. According to the description, it would seem Myer’s G8 turbo now has a new viewing hole in the side of the block, with which to inspect the subsequent engine failure he experienced.

Breaking stuff is part of racing, but we hope Myers gets a new engine in his G8 GT and gets back out there quickly.

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