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How do YOU wash your car?

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Cool How do YOU wash your car?

I was just wondering what everyone's method for washing their vehicles was. I myself start by soaking the car a few times with the hose, just trying to loosen up anything that might not come off after the first rinse over. Then, I start by washing the top of the car, t-bar, t-tops, side windows, rear window, windshield and mirrors. Rinse. Then, wash the spoiler, both top and bottom, and all area underneath the spoiler, stopping at the bottom of the hatch. Rinse. Next, I was the taillights, rear sail panel, top, back, and bottom of bumper, and inside license plate area. Rinse. Then the hood. Rinse. Then, front end. Rinse. Next, move around to either side, starting at the front fender, wash back to the front of the door, stop. Rinse. Next the door, all the way back to underneath the t-bar, stop. Rinse. The move to the rear quarterpanel. Rinse. Move around to other side and repeat. Dry the car off, then wash wheels and tires, doing one wheel and tire at time. Then, after washing and rinsing all wheels and tires, go back over car and look for any more water, and drying again.

There's my process, how bout you guys?
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Mines about the same. Only after I wash the car I wash the wheels with the car still wet then rinse the entire car again.
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Usually rinse the whole car, then clean the wheels, then rinse the car again. Then I soap it, and rinse everything, and I use one of those water blade things to dry it and that works real sweet. But most of the time I go to the do-it-yourself carwash thing and do it there cause its alot faster, then I dry it, and drive it home and dry off all the water that leaks out from everywhere.

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pretty much the same method. Start with a rinse, then do the top, then work my way down. Starting @ the hood, then either passanger or driver side, and working around from there. Dry it off, then wash the wheels. I think most people wash the wheels last, or use different water (if you wash with a sponge and bucket).

When i detailed @ a dealer, we had some automatic rinsers so you could work your way around the car fairly well, and make good time. Only difference is, we'd degrease the wheels first, then wash the vehicle and dry off.
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Rinse, wash part, rinse soapy spot as I move onto next part. After that I wash the rims and exhaust tips. Rinse the whole car again, pop the hatch part way to start draining, California Water Blade it, and take off the rest of the water with a chamee (sp?!) to pick up excess water the blade couldnt get to... now for the fun part. Highspeed run on the freeway to shake loose all the hiding water, get back home, dry off all the new found water and detail
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wheels always first, brush, wheel cleaner, hand work.

then i use , for that 10-15 minute wash job, and let her sit and dry in the sun spotless. yah the shiz works. i hate waterspots, i have none and don't do a thing (not even windows).

If i do it at night, say before sunset, the water might sit on the car an hour or two but indeed is GONE dried, no spots. geez i sound like a commercial, but owning 3 black cars, waterspots drive me crazy.
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Yeah, that Mr. Clean Autodry is the ****! Tried for the first time this past week and it worked as advertised. Excellent.
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the key is to keep the car wet the whole time while washing or else the water will evaporate and leave the minerals and impurities on your paint and eventually corrode your wax away. So when you get to your rims, or your squeegying your windows be sure and keep your car wet and then when your ready to dry have several towels handy so that you wont have water streaks......the more water spots/streaks, the less life you get out of a smooth wax job. But if you have the extra cash to spend do like the fellas above me said and go w/ a mr. clean autodry....its the craziest things since sliced bread

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wow man you guys are technicians, lol.

i hose the bitch down and hit it with the wash mit..i don't use soap at all, never need it.

then rins again for good measure, then wash my wheels quick with the mit..they are clearcoated polished alumnim so its easy. then dry everything off with the absorber thing i got at pep boys, dry the tires with a towel and put some dressing on them and call it a day. takes no time at all and looks fine. key is keeping good coat of wax on the car..never need to use soap if you do that, nothing sticks.

if i have my racing rims(prostars) on then I'll hit them up with metal polish quick since they aren't clearcoated
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Originally Posted by SilverGhost
wow man you guys are technicians, lol.

i hose the bitch down and hit it with the wash mit..i don't use soap at all, never need it.
And I can imagine that your car is full of swirls and scratches. The purpose of soap is to provide lubrication, so you are not dragging the dirt across the paint. You should also never use the same mitt to do your wheels as the body of the car. You'll pick up small metal particles and scrape them across your paint on the next washing.
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Yeah, most scratches have to come from the washing process- little bits of dirt stuck in the mit or towel. I use 3 or 4 clean scrubbing towels before I'm finished washing as well- and 2 buckets of soapy water if the water get real dirty looking.
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Wash all glass
Rinse mit
Wash hood, tops of fenders, tops of doors, tops of quarters and then hatch (rinse mit somewhere in there)
Wash the nose, the rocker panels and the rear bumper
Wash wheels
Wet everything again and dry with chamois
After most of it is try, I pop the hatch and let 'er drain.
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I always wash my wheels first and the empty out the bucket. As a matter of fact, I bought a new wash bucket this weekend and I plan to use it for the body and the old bucket for the wheels. I think i am going to try the California Water Blade, I have heard good things about it.
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i do top, windows, then hood, top half of the car all the way around, then the bottom half, then the wheels, i use 3 diff mits, then i dry with micro fiber towels, then a leaf blower to get the hidden water
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