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Texas Speed is a great company to buy good stuff and they ship fast.
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I'm in a battle with them now. Ordered a splitter, 3 months later the order is still processing! I have sent emails, and was able to get through to the rude *** customer service lady. She fed me garbage, said I would get a call back by the end of the day with an update. 3 weeks later I haven't even received an email response. Now I'm going overseas (military orders) so I have pretty much lost my money and my splitter. I was told I couldn't cancel my order because it was a discount item. I was supposed to save like 40 bucks, now I'm out 200 something. They suck for sure, customer service goes a long way, and they have none.
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I don't know why you guys wait so long. When time is nearing to be up for something so important like money, I wouldve did a charge back. I would never wait past a charge back window. If you don't have my stuff within a month I'm charging back. Packages from China come in quicker than that lmao
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Cheaper is not always better! Texas Speed, Hinson Motorsports, and the WS6 Store get two thumbs up in my book. I'm glad I never purchased from MS as I may have been in the same boat with some of you. Thank you for the heads up and good luck to all of you who are caught up in all of this. Hopefully you will be refunded or receive the merchandise.
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I dealt with MS as well back in October ordered a TB and Intake combo, it was gonna to be a great price. Like most of the posts I read Branden gave me the run around saying it will be shipped next week over and over again finally did a charge back and got my money back. His dispute said I tried to order a corsa Exhaust, He tries to screw you over in disputes by getting you to agree to different parts than you ordered so be careful.
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You guys sure are right about bad customer service. I emailed them a couple days ago and still no response. All I needed was the tuning info they include with the vararam tri power and never got a response. Guess they are going out of business.
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Does LS1tech have a list of negligible and/or corrupt vendors?
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I used to order a lot of parts from them but after what I went through and the lies I was told last year I refused to do business with them. I ordered a spintech cutback from them and was told it would take about 10 business days for it to ship because it was a custom order type of thing. After about 15 business days I try and get a hold of them, getting the run around, "Spintech is custom made to order and they do not have your catback". After 30 business days I call spintech directly and ask them about it and Ron I think is his name told me they never even sent over an order for me and he said he has had them in stock sitting on his shelf. Of course I talked to Brandon who didnt know what the hell I was talking about apparently and tried to blame everyone else.
I had great success ordering from Texas Speed, BTR and WS6 Store (Mike is absolutely great).
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I went through the Maryland Speed ordeal several months ago. Everything everyone stated about Brandon F. / Maryland Speed sales and stall tactics is absolutely correct. His company has been kicked off several sites as sponsors within the last few months. Go to Kooks website read that they will not directly sell to MS since May 2018.

The problem starts as soon as you give out your credit card info. It's charged immediately! You will not hear from them until you contact them 1st about your order processing for weeks. If you ever get a response back regarding your order it will be vague or one of the many endless excuses via email or by phone. Keep a ledger or digital trail of every communication you have with MS it will help your dispute case once you're fed up with the endless excuses. Review your credit card dispute policy and timeline to file or you will not see your parts or your money ever again! The discount is very enticing but the small amount of money you save vs the shipping timeline isn't worth it.

People fall for that immediate sales chat bullshite offering you a one time big discount and you have to act right now or the discount isn't honored later. You go for it and that will be the last interaction with them until you inquire about your order.

Bottom line Maryland Speed has unscrupulous and deceitful business practices!!!! Go to BBB or Google MS and read all the great reviews they had in the last 12 months. There will be many former MS customers that will be elated to see them go out of business!

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Hell yeah! State files charges against Maryland Speed!
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Default Ding Dong the Witch is Dead! (Maryland Speed)

Hell Yes! Looks like karma's finally caught up with Maryland Speed!

Honestly I don't know how they managed to stay in business for as long as they did. These guys got me a few years ago when I was still a newbie, and screwed me out of a few hundred bucks.
All I can hope for is that the court nails these scumbags to the wall and forces them to pay back all the customers they conned.

Article 1

Article 2

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I bought stuff from them in the past. Really glad they are getting what’s coming to them.
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It's good to see some actual charges were brought up on them. Hopefully they will be made an example of so other shady douchebags will be less likely to pull this same crap in the future - because this **** has been going on for far too long.
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I just don't get it. You can make a KILLING in today's world running an honest business. Why people feel the need to cut corners, especially to this degree, just blows my mind.

I hope the scammed parties are able to get some form of restitution.
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reading the article posts/response looked like a couple other forums are alleged to had been in cahoots with Maryland speed.
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People can lose their way in life and it looks like the owner of that operation outright pulled an Elvis and left the building. At least now he wont be able to drag anyone else into his mess anymore.
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Originally Posted by fst100 View Post
reading the article posts/response looked like a couple other forums are alleged to had been in cahoots with Maryland speed.
I wouldn't be so quick to say "in cahoots." That could just be the angry mob talking, out for blood (not that I blame them). The more likely scenario is that the forums have seen their share of scams and were more willing to believe the story of a paying vendor than even a collection of forum members. I'm too new to the Moderator world to know the inner workings of forum vendors and how criticism of their business practices are handled, but my gut tells me no forum wants to be caught siding with the forum member over a paying vendor (who's money keeps the forum up-and-running) until the number of complaints reaches a certain level.

* In no way am I defending, or attempting to defend a shady business practice perpetrated by any party. Just offering food-for-thought before we convict everyone down the line.
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Default Maryland Speed - time to pay the piper

(also posted over on

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Originally Posted by Z Fury View Post
I just don't get it. You can make a KILLING in today's world running an honest business. Why people feel the need to cut corners, especially to this degree, just blows my mind.

I hope the scammed parties are able to get some form of restitution.
Remember Internet Racers Supply? They seemed to be pretty well established and were a good place for f-body parts for quite awhile and all of the sudden turned shady as **** and screwed a bunch of people. Also the infamous KTRE 12-bolt rear group buy several years ago where a bunch of people were shafted out of their deposits.
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If only this happened to 6LE, or possibly MAGG.
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