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Nitrous Outlet - greatest or best? or both?

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Default Nitrous Outlet - greatest or best? or both?

Just kidding. Now that I have your attention (a typical thread title would have just been overlooked - I feel like their efforts to make a dealer's mistake right deserves to be heard)

My Nitrous Outlet dealer accidentally ordered me a kit for a FAST 90, thinking that was the right kit for my LS2 throttle body. He's a small dealer, and made an honest mistake, and I understand, we all make mistakes. No, I'm not going to call him out.

I took it upon myself to contact them directly as opposed to using my dealer as the middleman. It started out SOMEWHAT sloppy, but that's on me.

I'll be the absolute first to admit, I can be a bit of a bear. Or an *******. Or a douchebag. Or a *****. When I'm frustrated with a situation, my mind always goes to the worst case scenario. I admittedly flew off the handle, and I definitely shouldn't have.

Brandon took the reigns, and we went back and forth. I had decided that I was just going to order the parts I needed and try and sell what I had in hand. I get a message from Brandon telling me he's canceling my order, and at that point I became a real *******.

Joke was on me, I didn't get the whole message on my smart watch.

He agreed to allow me to ship the parts back to him (which was convenient because my girlfriend works right by the post office and can run stuff for me as soon as it needs shipped). We had a handshake agreement that I'd cover an hour or so of shop time to clean up and repackage the uninstalled, but opened parts, and cover the cost of shipping for the ride back to me. Hell yeah pimp - that's what I wanted from the get go.

They get the parts on Friday. I get a message from Brandon that everything is in order. He also lets me know that he's "not going to hit me with a restocking fee or the shop time" I received the invoice in my email (was less than 50 dollars before shipping) and paid it. I also inquired about next day air Saturday and he made it happen (I paid for it, obviously.)

Brandon and Nitro Dave got together and bent their rules to allow this to work out for me. It's that kind of business practice that turns a one and done customer into a proud, loyal customer who will be proud to represent the brand.

I love you guys, excellent knowledge, quick responses, and customer focused business practices.

While you know businesses are there to make money, you get a sense of satisfaction knowing that even though they have your cash, the communication doesn't end there.

Thanks again - and if you're ever in the market for a nitrous system, there's legit no other brand in my eyes.

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I agree. They're terrible. They answer the phone when you call (irritating); give you good advice (show-off's); and ship fast (really annoying). I will continue to do business with them and recommend them. All that really ticks me off.
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Your thread title is definitely attention grabbing but I might suggest you consider changing it. The reason I say that is because if someone does a google search to include "nitrous outlet" and "ls1tech" this thread title could appear. If people happen to perform that search and see the thread title it conveys negatively towards nitrous outlet and people performing the search won't know it's actually a positive review unless they open and read the thread and we all know not everyone will do that. It would bother me if I was a site sponsor so just wanted to share my .02
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