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first five battles (long)

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Default first five battles (long)

I've had my car for about 6 months now but I just joined the forum today. I got in 5 good fights last fall before the weather turned sour. 3 were definite wins, one was a draw, and the other I got killed.

First one was a black 97-99 Eclipse GSX/GST. (Don't know if it was AWD or not but I definitely heard an aftermarket BOV over the sound of its fart can) I was on a 3 lane commercial road near where I live and the snotty little GIRL driving it was whipping in and out of traffic like a maniac behind me with rap blaring really loud over the sound of her fart can. I had no desire to race at first as she pulls beside me to pass me, until without signaling she just whips in front of me about 2 inches from my front bumper... wtf. So at the next light I whipped out around her and pulled alongside not to race her but only to get out from behind her... and she starts speeding up to try to keep me from pulling alongside, all the while giving me the one-finger salute. So at the next light I take off gently just to make sure she has no advantage from a roll, then once I'm at about 20 or so, I go WOT. Suffice it to say I had time to eat a sandwich at the next light before she caught up and refused to come alongside such that I could see her.

Next one was a little silver BMW convertible, I know nothing about foreign cars I have no idea what this thing was or what it was capable of, but all I know was I was stuck behind it on my favorite winding one lane country road and I was probably tailgating it closer than I meant to simply out of impatience. The silver-haired 50something dude driving it tried to pull away, I could tell he was definitely a manual not an automatic from the way the car lurched as he shifted hard, and I could see his mouth moving muttering at me as he scowled in the mirror (the top was down) irritated because his expensive little POS couldn't pull away from this punk kid in a Camaro who stayed right on his bumper for about half a mile until we reached an intersection where we were both turning left onto a 2 lane rural highway. We both pull out hard, I was stuck on the outside lane and my big heavy Z STILL outcornered him onto the highway (obviously he couldn't drive), then once we straightened out I went WOT. I backed off a couple buslengths later and he did a ricer flyby.

The next one though I bit off way more than I could chew. I was on the same 3 lane road where I raced the Eclipse, a guy my age or younger pulls up next to me in a sonic blue 03/04 Cobra. I knew from reading these forums I couldn't hang with a Cobra but he revved and revved and wouldn't leave me alone, he tried to goad me into it and I bit and went for it. Suffice it to say I was squinting at his taillights quickly, it wasn't even close. That thing was LOUD, couldn't have been stock, I imagine he probably had CAI/catback/pulley/tune but I never got a chance to ask him.

I also went for it from a roll on a 2 lane highway with a new Charger SRT-8, that was kind of a draw. I was doing about 65 and watching him carve up through traffic in my mirror, I waited until he pulled along exactly beside me and nailed it... he pulled about half a car on me and then we hung even until I shut it down at about 120 due to the wifey SCREAMING IN MY EAR TO SLOW DOWN...

Last one was just a few weeks ago actually, with snow tires and 120 pounds of sand in the trunk! 2000-2004 silver Eclipse convertible with the top up, some 30's-ish guy was pissing along real slow on a winding 2 lane road, I got tired of following him and tried to pass when he speeds up to keep me out of his lane... wtf. So I sped up too and just barely edged ahead of him and snuck in his lane a couple inches in front of his bumper. Next light I pull out hard and instead of him getting in the other lane he tries to tailgate me... emphasis on TRY... that didn't last long. He turned off that road before he had a chance to do a flyby or refuse to look at me.

Sorry this was so long...
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At leaast your having fun. I have the same wife problem to. BUt when that German bitch drives she will drill anything that even looks funny at her.LOL Good kills/death
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