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LT1 Camaro Headers

Installing headers is a good way to add power to your Camaro on a budget.

If you are looking to add power to your LT1-powered, 4th generation Chevrolet Camaro Z28, swapping from the factory exhaust manifolds to long tube headers is a great start. As the image below shows, the stock manifolds are tiny and restrictive, so allowing your engine to exhale a little harder will increase power levels while also giving you a better basis for future projects.

Some people think that adding headers to their Camaro is costly and too hard to do themselves, but as the DIY thread written up by “bigchevyman24” shows, there are affordable options on the market and with some patience, the installation makes for an excellent weekend project.

LT1 Camaro Header and Manifold

The Introduction

When the OP first posted his LT1 header install DIY thread, he introduced us to his project along with answering some of the key questions involving this project.

Hey guys,
I just got done getting my tail whooped by this install today and figured I’d try to help some other people who want to tackle this install. Anyway, I took some pictures along the way, not as many as I’d like, but maybe it will help.

To begin, I bought the eBay headers for a 93-97 LT1 (seller eworldsales1). Got them for $399 shipped with an ory (offroad y-pipe) and gaskets. These headers actually work for 94-97 with no modifications. The 93 model LT1 has different EGR and AIR connections so if you order these you will have to do some modifying such as plugging up parts on the headers and removing your EGR/AIR systems. They really don’t do anything important other than recirculating air/exhaust through the intake.

Anyway, the headers are of good quality, and I am pleased with the purchase.

He also included a handful of pictures of the new long tube headers attached to the mid-pipes, looking all shiny, gorgeous and ready to help make big power.

LT1 Camaro HEaders with Y-pipe

The Disassembly

Next, the OP walked us through the steps needed to prepare the engine bay for the new long-tube headers, starting with this useful information:

This is a very involved process, and you should make sure you have plenty of time and patience before you begin. It took me about a total of 16 working hours (including breaks due to the 92 degree heat).

Camaro LT1 no manifold

He then went through everything that he did to clear out the engine bay, like removing the air intake system, the serpentine belt and alternator, the starter, the EGR and air pump systems, the stock y-pipe from the manifolds and, of course, the stock exhaust manifolds. The OP goes step by step, turning this part of the project into a 10-step process and when done with this, you are ready to install the headers.

Camaro LT1 Front

The Installation

Before trying to install the new long tube headers, the OP points out that he had to remove the three rear spark plugs on both sides along with disconnecting the steering column from the steering knuckle.

He then explains how to install the driver’s side header in his Camaro from above while installing the passenger’s side is easiest from the bottom. The problem is that you have to get the car jacked up much higher than you normally can with a floor jack. As a result, the OP installed the passenger’s side header on his LT1 from above after jacking up the engine to make more space.

LT1 Camaro Passenger Side

Finally, once the headers are bolted to the cylinder heads of your LT1-powered Camaro Z28, the OP reminds you to reinstall the starter, alternator, serpentine belt, spark plugs, O2 sensors, steering column components and the air intake, but you will not reuse the EGR or air pump parts.

Click here to check out the 1993 Camaro Z28 DIY header install for a closer look at the fine details and more pictures.

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