Author: Joseph Coelho

10 More than Crazy Engine Swaps

Think your uncle’s LS swap is a wild creation? Check out some of these swaps that will have you doing a double-take.

  Comments | By - May 19, 2017

5 Advantages of the Overhead Valve/Cam in Block/Pushrod Engine

Numerous engines designs have come and gone, but American pushrod V8s, like the Small Block Chevy and LS1, have been a mainstay for well over 60 years. Why has this cam in block overhead valve design stood the test of time?

  Comments | By - May 18, 2017

8 Disagreeable LS Motor Swaps

An LS-based engine provides an unbeatable combination of power, economy, performance and reliability, making it the top choice for engine swaps today. That said, many feel that not every car is well-suited for an LS engine.

  Comments | By - May 17, 2017

5 Things to Know About Carbureted LS Motors

Despite the common misconception that carburetors are archaic devices, they are actually a simple, cost-effective fueling solution for an LS platform. Not to mention, they are even capable of producing more top-end power when placed in the right hands.

  Comments | By - May 15, 2017

Seriously Badass Builds from Blown Mafia (Photos)

Bradley Gray, a custom car connoisseur, has an affinity for forced-induction components which are most certainly on display among his “Blown Mafia” car collection. See what cars he has to offer inside.

  Comments | By - May 10, 2017

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