Cadillac CTS-V Street Machine Rolls with 750 Horsepower

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Full weight Cadillac family sedan runs low 10s on drag radials with the driver riding in the lap of luxury.

The video above comes to us from That Racing Channel on YouTube and it features a wicked 2009 Cadillac CTS-V. The car is owned by a guy named Josh, who takes TRC host Javiar Trias for a quick spin in his 750-wheel horsepower, 10-second luxury sport sedan. We even get a look at a great roll race from one of That Racing Channel’s track events, where it takes down a built Nissan Skyline R33.

The Build

The 2009 Cadillac CTS-V sedan in the video above is powered by a built version of the stock LSA V8. The stock engine has been retained, but after starting off as a simple bolt-on car, the owner transformed it into an alcohol-swilling, super-sedan. He added ported cylinder heads, a new camshaft, a ported LSA blower, upper and lower pulleys and all of the applicable bolt-ons, tuning the setup to run on E85 with help from Jeremy at Fasterproms.

750 Horsepower Cadillac CTS-V

With the help of a built automatic transmission, this Cadillac lays down 750-760 horsepower at the rear wheels, allowing it to consistently cover the quarter mile in the low-10-second range. The best run for this built CTS-V is a 10.1 at 136 miles per hour, but Josh puts out that it regularly runs in that range.

Built Cadillac LSA Engine

The Cruise

As the two cruise around in the built CTS-V, Josh puts the hammer down a few times, working to keep the car straight as it spins the tires and dances around on the street. At one point, they use an App to measure how long it takes this Caddy to sprint from 50 to 100 and from 60 to 130. The run from 50 to 100 takes 3.8 seconds and the run from 60 to 130 takes 6.5 seconds, with slightly better grip on the higher-speed start.

Cadillac Beats Skyline

During the video, the owner also talks about his turbocharged Trans Am project while also providing all of the details that we could ask for on this wicked 2009 Cadillac CTS-V. They also talk about a roll race with a Nissan Skyline R33, followed by footage of that race from several different angles.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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