Your LT1 Dream Swap is Running and Waiting on a Pallet

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Camaro SS LT1 Turn Key Running Pallet!

Ready for some NEW technology? Enter the world OF THE FUTURE with this space age 2016 Camaro SS LT1 V8 Engine & EIGHT (yes EIGHT) speed automatic transmission, running and tested on a turn key pallet! Loaded with fun acronyms like DI, VVT, and AFM (Direct Injection, Variable Valve Timing, and Active Fuel Management,) this isn't your fathers LT1 engine from the 90s! You won't find a more powerful engine loaded with all the buzzwards of the new millenium that puts down an astounding 455 Horsepower through ALL EIGHT GEARS! View the video, click the link, and prepare your spaceship for its new powerplant!

Posted by Cleveland Power And Performance on Friday, November 10, 2017

Buying a crate motor is a great way to get a complete engine for your swap. Unfortunately the motor will still need a lot of parts to get running, but this LT1 swap won’t. 

Motor swapping a car is a labor intensive job, even if you are just swapping in the same kind of motor you had in the car before. The shear mass of parts, connections, and wiring can be overwhelming. As anyone who has done a swap can tell you, you will need additional parts to finish your swap. Unless the swap was fresh, you will need hoses, seals, and a variety of bits that we all forget until half-way through. For a lot of people buying a crate engine is the best option. The motor comes complete and ready to run. Unfortunately it will not come with any additional parts to make in run in your application. Buying a LS1 for a FD Mazda RX7 swap will not get you the gas pedal or the transmission. So, why doesn’t anyone sell a complete package, like a running, driving LT1 swap?

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Good news! Cleveland Power and Performance has a solution for you. As you can see in the video they have palletized a complete LT1 drivetrain which is completely ready to run. In fact, as you will see it actually runs on the pallet. The fuel tank, wiring, ecu, cluster, and pedals are setup to run. You can buy this drivetrain and know for sure your new motor swap will run.

chevelle lt1 swap

Imagine what kind of cool projects you could put this setup in and the amazing performance it offers. The pallet set up comes complete with the 8-speed automatic transmission. We can only hope someone picks this up and throws it into something cool. The value is pretty good too, as a LT1 crate motor would cost you $11,000. So, at $13,495 you get a lot of other parts for the additional $2,500 over a crate engine. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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