A Guide For LS Swapping A Third Generation Camaro or Firebird

third gen ls swap

Swapping a LS V8 into a V8 third generation Camaro or Firebird should be easy, right? Check out this video to find out the hurtles of getting it done right.

  Comments | By - February 1, 2018

How Much Does It Cost to Build a 600+ Horsepower LS7?


The LS7 in the C6 Corvette Z06 is a high-revving 505 horsepower monster from the factory, but what does it take to turn it up to 675 horsepower?

  Comments | By - January 12, 2018

Your LT1 Dream Swap is Running and Waiting on a Pallet

LT1 swap

Camaro SS LT1 Turn Key Running Pallet! Ready for some NEW technology? Enter the world OF THE FUTURE with this space age 2016 Camaro SS LT1 V8 Engine & EIGHT (yes EIGHT) speed automatic transmission, running and tested on a turn key pallet! Loaded with fun acronyms like DI, VVT, and AFM (Direct Injection, Variable […] More »

  Comments | By - January 11, 2018

5 Things That Make An LS Swap Harder Than You Think

240SX LS swap

Just because it can be done does not mean it will be easy and here is why.

  Comments | By - December 26, 2017

Drifting A LS1 Swapped E36 BMW Till It Breaks

ls1 swapped e36 bmw

The mighty LS1 V8 can make anything better, even a BMW.

  Comments | By - December 21, 2017

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