Spotted at the Tuner: Hot Wheels Camaro

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As an automotive journalist and a car enthusiast, I see a lot of rare and unique vehicles. It’s not too often that I take a second look at a lot of cars, unless there’s something genuinely unique about them.

While taking a shop tour of a performance tuner outside of Cleveland, I came across something I hadn’t see in the wild before. It was a Hot Wheels Camaro.

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At Smokey’s Dyno and Performance in Akron, Ohio, they’re used to seeing some pretty unique and rare cars. They are a “concierge tuner” of sorts, flying across the country to work on the cars of the well-to-do and enthusiasts. Just check on their Instagram page for some of the projects they’ve worked on.

Hot Wheels - 2015-07-01 13.02.40

Sitting on the dyno the day of our visit was the Hot Wheels Camaro. This car is the definition of the grown-up toy, and has been rebuilt and tuned to make some serious power (Smokey’s would like to point out they didn’t do the stickers).

Hot Wheels - 2015-07-01 13.02.44

In person, the car really pops, with the unique blue paint and the Hot Wheels branding. While the changes from the factory were all cosmetic, this car is hardly stock. It’s one fast drop-top and a joy to see amongst the other high-performance gear in the parking lot.

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