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dash, airbags and column removal

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Default dash, airbags and column removal

I am trying to fix my car from the previous owner's mistakes. She needs a new column, both airbags and ab module. I have all of those items, just need a lil info.

From what i have been told, in order to replace airbags, i need to disconnect the battery to eliminate any charge on the new bags. Just wondering how difficult it will be to remove the dash, as i've been told that i need to do this in order to replace the d.s. airbag. I figure i can disconnect the battery, remove the column and center console and abs module, then work on the dash. How long and how difficult is it to remove the dash? Any tip/tricks you can offer me. This is all new to me, but am able to do it myself. As far as the p.s. airbag goes, how does the flap that covers the airbag, attach? Once it's been deployed, how do i get it back in place and be able to function properly if the new one gets deployed later on? On the column, i bought one from an 02 ws6 auto. Was told that the only difference between the auto and manual columns, is that the manual has a lock by the key. Will be starting this hopefully this week. Just wanted the heads up from all of you about it.
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I bought the column w/ both airbags, ab module, 2 keys and 2 fobs. Is there anything that i'd need to do w/ the keys in order to get them to be recognized or am i ok on that?
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Forgot to ask about programming the key fobs. Any write-ups on how to reprogram them? I used to know how to, but that was like 10 years ago. Sorry for all the posts, just trying to do too much today and forgot a few details. Thanks again. Jason
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There are two torx screws that go through the back of the steering wheel that hold the driver's airbag in. Unscrew those and the bag comes out. No need to remove the dash. I'm not sure - you might do a search - but I'd expect the passenger airbag can be removed from the glove compartment area.

Your biggest problem will be the PCM or BCM. The car's electronics are programmed for the serial numbers in the airbags and the VATS circuit is wired for the old keys. So, you will need:
- to disable VATS or put the old ignition lock in the new column. (Or do some other creative things to get the two to mesh.)
- find a dealer or body shop who can re-program the car for the new airbags you are putting in.
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There is a thread on here somewhere about removing the dash. It's tricky if you've never done it before. By the flap over the air bag, are you referring to the dash panel itself? If so, that is not replaceable. It is riveted to the dash frame by GM. You'll need an entirely new dash if your airbag deployed through it.

No, the pasenger airbag cannot be removed through the glove box area. It is attached to a large metal frame "bucket". You need to remove the dash to get it out.

If you have your old key and the new key for the new column, simply take them both to GM and have them cut you a new key, so that the pellet resistance matches.

Simply unplugging the airbag itself is enough to prevent them from deploying. But it would be wise to disconnect the battery and pull the airbag fuse before working.

I've never heard of having to program an airbag. The airbags are handled by the airbag module under the center console, not the BCM.
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thats the thread i used to remove my dash

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