1969 Camaro SEMA Find is Our Dream Restomod Project

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1969 Camaro LT4 Restomod Front

Classic Camaro features a flawless body, a custom cabin, LT4 power and modern brakes.

While late model vehicles comprised the majority of the field at the 2018 SEMA Show, there were still plenty of incredible classics and this first generation Chevrolet Camaro is a fine example of the old school cars on display. Of course, with SEMA being all about aftermarket upgrades, it should come as little surprise that few aspects of this 1969 Chevy are original, but as restomods go, this Camaro is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Today, as we continue bringing you the coolest cars from SEMA 2018, here is a closer look at this sweet first generation Camaro.

1969 Camaro Restomod LT4 SEMA 2018

Stunning Exterior

On the outside, this 1969 Chevrolet Camaro maintains a relatively stock look, shy of the dropped stance, the chrome wheels wrapped in low-profile rubber and the big Baer brakes at all four corners. There are no crazy body modifications, no chopped top and no shaved bumpers or door handles, but there is plenty of perfectly straight sheet metal coated in deep, black paint accented by mirror-like chrome.

1969 Camaro LT4 Restomod Rear

While everyone might not appreciate the restomod look, with the lowered stance and big, chrome wheels, the exterior of this Camaro appears to be absolutely flawless from front-to-back and top-to-bottom. Just the exterior of this car would draw attention at any car show, but the gorgeous body is just the beginning.

Custom Interior

On the inside, this 1969 Camaro appears to have a fully customized cabin, from the dash to the seats to the door panels to the center console. Just about everything is black with the exception of the white stitching on the leather-wrapped bucket seats and the silver grab handles on the doors. While we don’t know what these interior components came out of, they look fantastic in the cockpit of this 1969 Camaro restomod.

Modern Performance

As mentioned above, this 1969 Camaro has big Baer brakes at all four corners along with a suspension setup that provides the lowered stance, but this classic Chevy also has a modern powerplant. Under the hood of this flawless muscle car is a new LT4 V8 topped with what looks to be a Whipple supercharger.

In stock form, the LT4 delivers 650 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque in the current ZL1 and Z06, but the addition of the aftermarket blower likely lifts the output up towards the 800 mark in both metrics.

Really, even if this engine “only” makes stock power, it surely makes this stunning 1969 Camaro restomod a blast to drive on the street or the track.

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