388 CI, YSi Equipped C6 Corvette Makes 1015 WHP & 852 LB-FT: Big Power, Small Cubes

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Whoever said big power was only reserved for big motors is eating his (or her) words because member xLBx is making over 1000 WHP with just 388 cubic inches of LS fury! The 388 CI combo arrives at 9.5:1 and features such goodies as a Warhawk Block, Callies Racemaster crank (3.625-inch), Wiesco pistons (4.125-inch), Oliver Billet rods (6.125-inch), Mast 305 Black Label 6-bolt heads, a Fast 102 intake, Nick Williams 102MM TB, modified A&A YSi kit with 8.00″ 10 rib balancer and 2.95″ 10 rib blower pulley and a Flip Drive pulley system. This laundry list of top-shelf parts adds up to one bad ‘Vette and we can’t wait to see the upcoming track results.

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