1,500 HP Cadillac CTS-V Schools the Competition

Dubbed “The Ultimate Grocery Getter,” this twin-turbo CTS-V rocks most of its stock luxury features, but a heck of a lot more attitude.

  Comments | By - October 25, 2017

1970 Chevy Custom Camper Rocks a 500 Horsepower Turbo LS

LS1tech.com Hoonigan Chevy Custom Truck Turbo LS Swap 500 Horsepower

Built by the folks at Shear Performance, this vintage Chevy pickup truck is one of the coolest & wildest LS sleepers we’ve ever seen.

  Comments | By - October 5, 2017

Florida Man Strikes Again, and This Time It Involves a Red Corvette

Like Metallica said, “Give me fuel, give me fire, give me double the Percocet, marijuana, heroin, and cocaine.”

  Comments | By - September 8, 2017

Camaro Owner Catches Dealership Mechanic on Speedy Joyride

Burger-loving mechanic was so shocked after being confronted that he quickly fled the drive-thru sans his fast food.

  Comments | By - September 6, 2017

Chevy Corvette Helps Bust Crooks Who Stole Acura NSX

Who would’ve thought that by racing an Acura, the Corvette would uncover a massive auto theft ring from the South?

  Comments | By - September 5, 2017

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